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Quang Vu

This is the interview that I,Quang Vu, had with Mrs.Toussant on Octcber 17,2000. The interview was taken place on October 17,2000 at Southern University between Mrs.Toussant who is a nutritionist teaching at S.U and Quang Vu.
Mrs.Toussant graduated with B.S from Southern University in May,1973.She passed the R.D examination in 1975 then moved to New York and worked at Saint Louis Medical Hospital.About one year later,she had worked at Simply Hospital in Washington D.C.Then she moved to Texas and started M.S program at Texas Community Study and received M.S degree in 1994.She also had to have seventy-four hours of continuing education for every five years so that she would be able to keep her nutritionist license.She has been teaching at S.U since 1994 and planning to receive PhD degree in 2003.
The reason for me to choose Mrs.Toussant is that first off all,she is a dietician and teaching me.When I have questions to ask ,she answer them perfectly.Second off all,she knows so many things that others do not and she speaks very clearly so that I can understand her well.She always tells us what we should do in order to be successful in the career that we have chosen.Furthermore,she emphasizes the importance of our career.
I admire Mrs.Toussant and pay my respect to her because she has done so many things that some people can not such as planning to receive her PhD while working and teaching at the same time.
This is the interview that I,Quang Vu,had with Mrs.Toussant on October 17,2000.
Quang Vu:Could you tell me something about your educational background?
Mrs.Toussant:Graduated from Southern University with B.S degree in May 1973.
Worked at St.Louis Medical Hospital in New York.Served Dietetic internship at Howard University.Received Master degree in 1994.Started teaching at S.U after having Master degree.
Quang vu:What are your work experiences and qualifications?
Mrs.Toussant:Worked at St.Louis Medical Hospital.Worked at Fed Rant Home New YorkWorked for Community Health.Also worked at Charity Hospital In N.O and E.B.R Parish School Service from 1978-1996.
Quang Vu:Why did you choose in career?
Mrs.Toussant:Food is everywhere so jobs are available.Like working independently and do not like to work under pressure of others.
Quang Vu:Tell me some advantages of the career?
Mrs.Toussant:Have many specifications paths and can be self-employed.
Quang Vu:The disadvantages of the career?
Mrs.Toussant:Not making much money,hard to get promoted….


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