Quantitative Analysis: Family Presence During Invasive Procedures And Cpr

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Study ProblemA research problem identifies an area of concern when a gap exists in the knowledge needed for nursing practice (Burns & Grove, 2003, p 55). Family presence during invasive procedures and CPR is considered a right, obligation, and natural event by some organizations, notably nursing (Blair, 2004). According to a survey cosponsored by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and the Emergency Nurses Association only 5% of U.S. hospitals have written policies on family presence during invasive procedures and CPR (Aug 2003). The problem prompting this study was the need to determine if the presence of family was comforting to the client, distressing to the family members observing the procedure or resuscitation, or uncomfortable for the caregivers and would implementing family presence programs be justifiable (Myers et al., 2000)Nurses have the opportunity to preserve the wholeness, dignity, and integrity of the family unit from birth to death (Myers et al., 2000). The benefits identified through research will guide education and assist nurses supporting families during invasive procedures and CPR. Family presence allows nurses the opportunity to educate families regarding clients' conditions and increased families knowledge.Study PurposeThe research purpose, derived from the research problem, identifies the goal or aim of the study (Burns & Grove, 2003, p 55). The purpose of this study is to determine if the presence of family comforted the client, distressed the family, or caused discomfort for the caregivers, and would implementing family presence programs be justifiable (Myers et al., 2000)Research questionsResearch questions are concise, probing statements that include one or more variables or concepts (Burns & Grove, 2003, p 87). Research questions direct the flow of the study. The article identified one question. The question was, "Is the presence of family comforting to the patient, distressing to the family members observing procedures, or uncomfortable for the caregivers and would the benefits of family presence justify implementing a family presence programs" (Myers et al., 2000)? The benefits of family presence are the concepts or variables explored in this question. The article indicated that clients' families found the visitation was helpful to them and no psychological effects were suffered. The staff, 96% of nurses and 79% of attending physicians supported family presence during invasive procedures and CPR. The article posed the main research question in the overview and was easy to identify.HypothesisA hypothesis is a formal statement used to predict the outcome of the study. The research findings will either support or reject the hypothesis (Burns & Grove, 2003, p 89). The hypothesis was not stated in the study. An appropriate hypothesis would be, "Implementing family presence would be beneficial for both the patient and family. The experience is comforting to the patient, supported by family...

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