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Quantitative Article Critique Essay

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The purpose of the article I reviewed by Lykeridou, Gourounti, Deltsidou, Lautradis, and& Vaslamatzis (2009) was to examine women’s level of depression, perceived anxiety, and overall stress related to infertility while receiving fertility treatments. It w as hypothesized that the etiology of an infertility diagnoses wouldwill affect female’s psychological vulnerability. The variables that were looked at in the study were infertility diagnoses and psychological disturbances. The levels of infertility diagnoses used in the research were male factor infertility, female factor infertility, mixed, and idiopathic infertility. The various levels of psychological disturbances included depression, perceived anxiety, and overall fertility related stress.
The type of research that was used in the study was a cross-sectional survey. Over an 11-month time frame data from three different questionnaires were collected from the participants. Before each woman received her first treatment shethey received a letter that explained the purpose and goal of the research. If a woman expressed interest the research team then would met with her to further explain the study and ask if she needed clarification on any of the specifics of the study. A researcher that was not affiliated with the fertility clinic then collected the questionnaires from the participants after any necessary instructions were clarified with the participants. The sample was obtained by convenience sampling that consisted of 404 women with a mean age of 36.9 years of age that had to meet a set of specific requirements in order to be considered for participation in the study. These participants were approached at a large infertility clinic and asked if they wanted to participate in the study. If they desired to participate they were then asked to complete and return the questionnaires.
Psychological disturbances were measured by three of the instruments that were self-administered. The three instruments that were used evaluate psychological disturbances were the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), the COMPI questionnaire, and the Centre for Epidemiologic Studies – Depression Scale (CES-D). Infertility diagnoses were measured by categorizing them as female etiology, male etiology, combined female and male etiology and unknown etiology. The STAI and CES-D were reported as being both valid and reliable based on previous research utilizing these measures. Reliability of the COMPI was determined by obtaining the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient value of all three subscales. All three were found to be within a normal range.
The results supported the hypothesis. An infertility diagnosis does have a psychological impact on females with respect to the subtype of infertility. The results of the research revealed that participant’s state and trait anxiety score on the STAI was higher than the average score. This is significant because participants generally had the same score as an individual with a...

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