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Quantitative Research Article Review

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Quantitative Research Article Review
The quantitative research article that I chose to review was a study completed by Dougherty and Thompson (2009), found in Research in Nursing & Health. Very few researchers have focused their study on the impact of cardiac arrest and ICD implantation on a patient’s intimate partner. What little is known about caregiving responsibilities and caregiver burden after a cardiac illness or event has previously been focused on the spousal experiences following an acute myocardial infarction or coronary artery bypass graft surgery (Dougherty & Thompson, 2009). The researchers in this article chose to study the physical and mental health effects of the intimate partners of persons after sudden cardiac arrest and receipt of an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). Intimate partners were defined as being the spouse, lover, or significant other living in the same household as the patient during the study enrollment. Complete data collection was obtained from 100 intimate partners that participated in the study. Subjects were recruited from 10 Pacific Northwest hospitals after patient’s received an ICD after cardiac arrest. Data were collected by the researchers between 1999 and 2002.
Definition of Research and Type of Research
The article that was reviewed definitely satisfied the definition of research as given in Knapp (1998). According to Knapp (1998), “research is an investigative activity that has as its goal the advancement of knowledge” (p. 4). The article reviewed investigated intimate partner’s physical functioning, psychological adjustment, personal healthcare utilization, and relationship impact after their loved one experienced cardiac arrest and ICD implantation. Since healthcare has shifted to the ambulatory care setting, family members are responsible for much of a patient’s care within the home environment. Since little is known about the stated subject, this study was performed to better understand the experience and impact of ICD implantation after cardiac arrest on a patient’s intimate partner.
I believe that this study falls into the basic research category. According to Knapp (1998), “research that is designed primarily to extend the knowledge base in a discipline by contributing to theory generation or theory testing is called basic research” (p. 6). The study’s purpose is to extend knowledge and to better understand human experiences regarding the physical, psychological, emotional, and psychosocial impact of cardiac arrest and ICD implantation on a patient’s intimate partner. At the end of the study, researchers did declare that further research is needed on the topic and that intimate partners may benefit from an intervention that would assist them with the following: their psychological adjustment, learning how to manage the impact of ICD’s on their relationship, and learning how to effectively deal with the caregiver strain that is associated with caring for...

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