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Title of research: The Management of Information and Communication (ICT) Resources of Academic Libraries in Ghana
Research Problem

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a basic necessity for Academic Libraries due to the tremendous opportunities it offers to improve the efficiency of information gathering, processing, storage and dissemination. Since the middle eighties, Academic Libraries in Ghana have been using ICT at various levels and ICT facilities have been considered as part of the general facilities of the library (Shaikh and Khoja, 2011). However, ICT is dynamic and a fast pace area (Ref) which requires proper planning and management which must distinctly be on its ...view middle of the document...

For this reason there is the need to develop a management structure or system that appropriately responds to the existing gap for developing strategic, establishing goals and objectives for the deployment, use and maintenance of ICT in academic libraries. Even though these endeavours have universal; importance in so far as the adoption and use of ICT is concerned, the challenges in developing economies such as Ghana where very limited use of ICT has been seen is overwhelming thus provoking urgent academic and policy interest. While some effort has been put in place to effectively integrate and adopt technology to the operations of Ghanaian libraries, this effort is without a long history hence the urgent need to establish systems that would be responsible for the management of scarce resources to ensure the optimal use of these scarce and expensive resources (Iqbal et al, 2010). Currently, there has not been any comprehensive study of how ICT facilities have been managed in Academic Libraries in Ghana and this study seeks to explore how ICT is managed to ensure maximum benefits to the academic institutions.
Purpose of the Study
The study seeks to identify the ICT resources available in public university libraries and ascertain how these resources are currently managed. It will also evaluate and assess the effectiveness of the existing management systems of ICT resources. The research will explore from other jurisdictions the most efficient management methods and recommend the adoption of the best practice in the management of ICT resources in the public university libraries in Ghana.

The Importance/Significance of the Study

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have become important or critical components of the information generation, acquisition and dissermination process of the modern Academic Library. As Academic Libraries respond to changes in technological developments and the changing needs of its users, there is a promise of an expansion in the utilisation of ICT from the current utilisation rate of 39% among administrators of Academic Libraries to about 70% or more to adopt strategies that will ensure effective use and maintenance of ICT facilities and personnel (Mereku, et al, 2009). The cost of acquiring and maintaining ICT equipment is high in developing nations like Ghana. This is coupled with the high cost of training and keeping qualified ICT personnel (it cost more than $20000 to fully train a qualified personnel to manage ICT in academic libraries (Ref). This makes it imperative that needed strategies are developed to ensure that Academic libraries reap maximum benefits from the investments made in ICT infrastructure and manpower.
The expectation of the researcher is that the outcome of the study will provide documented insight into the available ICT infrastructure and man power to determine their adequacy or inadequacies. The study will provide guidelines to enhance the use and maintenance of ICT infrastructure. ...

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