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Quantum Cast Study Essay

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IntroductionQuantum is the world's leading storage supplier in six of the seven markets it serves--desktop hard drives, tape drives, network attached storage appliances, solid state systems, hard disk drives for personal video recorders, and DLTtape® automation systems. Hardware production expertise -"time to volume" principles, coupled with a strong HR management infrastructure focused on values and strong teams, has created the formula, and "extraordinary work environment" necessary, for Quantum to realize the success that it has to date.As Quantum looks to the future, new opportunities in the form of changing consumer demand and new technologies for data management must be explored. Weaknesses and threats such as ineffective people development during times of rapid change, and competition for talent on a global basis, must be addressed, and a primary strength - a shared, values driven, team based culture must be leveraged, if the organization hopes to continue to build upon its reputation of success.To sustain its competitive advantage, Quantum must constantly adapt to its existing strategies to threats and opportunities in the environment. This case study will analyze the internal and external factors that put Quantum in its current position operating in the competitive high-tech environment. The flow of the analysis will start with a brief introduction of the sector of business Quantum is operating, followed by the analysis of its internal factors comprising the company's strength and weaknesses. Quantum's external factors will then be analyzed on its opportunities and threats. Then it will illustrate a detailed SWOT analysis that demonstrates how Quantum's strengths and opportunities coincide with their weaknesses and threats. Next, it will dive into the current business and upper level strategies, then lead into Quantum's current control systems. Finally, it will attempt to offer recommendations to improve performance, strengthen weaknesses, and mitigate threats.Company BackgroundFounded in 1980, Quantum Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets storage products for today's digitized world. One of the highest-volume global suppliers of hard disk drives, Quantum supplies a broad range of information storage productsfor personal computers, workstations, high-end computers, network servers, and disk arrays. Headquartered in Milpitas, California, the company has approximately 2,000 employees worldwide.The founders of Quantum recognized from the very beginning that if they hoped to succeed and flourish they must create a foundation for the organization that focused on the "people" element of the business first, and they set out to establish a company that has an extraordinary work environment based on values and the following key ideas:Achieve long term successEnsure Quantum's employees feel valuedEnsure a sense of pride of association with the companyInstill a sense of camaraderie and that "all of us are in this together"Ensure that...

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