Quantum Computing: Breakthrough Of The Future

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Innovation is the breakthrough to the future. There is a enormous amount of information us humans do not know. How can we solve these unknown answers? The biggest solution is, quantum computing. This is how quantum computers work, how they are made, how a person can program a quantum computer, and how it will change our future as we know it.
How a Quantum Computer Works: Old School vs. New School
The first conventional computers that were introduced were these big towers of switches, transistors, and buttons. These old computers took up so much power, but had such little specifications. The first Macintosh ever made had a whopping 128kilobytes of random-access memory and the floppy disk inside the computer would not be able to even hold one song in today’s era. Researchers and scientists are in the same predicament like we were back in the early 1950’s after World War II to build the first computer. D-Wave, a quantum computer manufacture, built a computer for NASA and Google back in October of 2013 for Google’s and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab. The quantum computer is called the D-wave Two and costs about fifteen million dollars and size of the computer is about the size of garden shed that will cool the quantum chip to temperatures below zero. Quantum computers have the capability to go as fast as the speed of light. Conventional computers rely on binary code, which binary code is a series of values of either 0 or 1. A quantum computer, on the other hand, has qubits. A qubit runs under values of 0’s and 1’s but can be both 0 and 1 simultaneously, which is known as “superposition.”
The Heart of the Computer: How the Quantum Computer is Built
For a fifteen million dollar computer, this computer has a beast inside it. The first part in building a quantum computer is building the quantum transistor, also known as SQUID. SQUID stands for Superconducting Quantum Interference Device. What this device does is, it has a large metal ring made out of niobium. When niobium is cooled down, it becomes a super conductor and it starts the quantum mechanical effects. The quantum mechanical effects create states of +1 and -2 charges from a magnetic spin and the charges rely on what the qubit wants to do. Later on, we have to make a coupler before the quantum processor has been made. To have a multi-qubit processor, qubits have to be connected using couplers. How couplers work is, there is a series of rectangles and there is coupling elements inside those rectangles that allow qubits to transfer and share information. Now that the coupler is made, the next process is manufacturing the quantum processor. The processor chips are made, but then they are stamped on silicon wafer. D-Wave, has created their own series of quantum processors called the Rainer Series and it has 128 qubits which is wicked fast. A 128 qubit system can calculate how satellites would react to solar wind storms or a nuclear blast from Earth instantly, which a conventional...

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