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Quantum Winter Essay

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Granite grains and lots of acid rain fell gently from the clouds, without any sign of stopping. A sky as gray as an elephant’s skin, and a horizon within close proximity explained what remained of our Earth’s once heavenly atmosphere. With a fading green tint, the autumn yellow grass produced no glucose from which to live from, and from which the other animals to feed on. This, is a minor explanation of the aftermath of something you’d never imagine that had ever happened…

For now anyways, that is some nonsense gibberish that should hold on concern for you, due to which we should get to the point instead of hovering about a disaster…

And so, it was 2462 A.D. It was a time when people had ...view middle of the document...

Then, he made a discovery… At this point of time, his messy, gray hair was curling up, with his pimpled, fair skin glowing brightly. You could see the joy in his smile, and the excited-ness in his shaking hands. HIs lab coat flying in the air, his corduroy pants creased above his feet, Balbert Veinstein bursted out into a “WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He had just figured out how to artificially split any quantum particle, and by splitting the top quark, he could possibly solve the world’s energy saving crisis (at this point of time, as you see, the world has run out of coal, and have switched to solar panels, which don’t exactly work out to be the most efficient). It was a glorious moment, and he most certainly deserved a nobel prize.

And now, we shall fast-forward a few months into the future, and arrive at a rather infamous place, North Korea. This, is 24 years after the time when the North Korean Royal Family had produced a rather destructive heir, Jong Kim Un! He had a hardocre wish to attain peace. And he did this by terminating any living thing around him. He was left as the only human in North Korea, which was lonely, but Jong Kim Un’s only dream.
He, right now, had just implemented Balbert Veinstein’s ‘quantum particle splitting technique’ into a bomb, the legendary… (drumroll please) quantum bomb! This, with the power of a thousand nuclear bombs combined, was not something with radiation, meaning that only the landing area would explode, but the rest of the world would remain unaffected.

Now, this heir, Jong Kim Un, had started to plan about this bomb’s launch. His plans were to destroy the U.S. A few days later, beads of sweat, filled with eagerness and joy, were dripping down Jong Kim Un’s forehead. He was ready to launch the bomb. And BAM! As you might have not expected, Shinto Binto landed right through the ceiling, and hit a double uppercut right into Jong Kim Un’s chin. Jong Kim Un landed right onto the glass of water that he had prepared for himself, which was on the other side of the room. And now, Jong Kim Un was angry. A mad lion from the jungle, Jong Kim Un spun two ninja shurikens aimed towards Shinto Binto’s head, but with a karate kick, Shinto Binto redirected them back to the North Korean leader (ripping Jong Kim Un’s rough, black leather jacket).

Shinto Binto took the quantum bomb, and put it safely into his cream coloured knapsack made of synthetic material. Simultaneously, he was bombarding the laboratory with his protonized laser gun. This almost vapourized Jong Kim Un, but he somehow escaped the stunning red beams generated by the gun. The fight’s location had now shifted to mid-air. Jetpacks were generating vibrations in the air, propelling the two fighting experts around each other. But alas, you should know, that in all stories, the antagonist has the advantage over the protagonist. Jong Kim Un had remembered his emergency capturing net, which he always kept on him in case a bull came charging at...

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