Quarter 2 Reflection & Quarter 3 Goals

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With the beginning of a new quarter, and the close of the previous one, I’ve come to notice specific details that describe the past quarter. With these realizations of my work ethic and patterns in the past, I found it important to use this valuable information wisely, encouraging me to set specific goals that span a variety of my academic classes. In social studies, specifically, patterns have emerged in my work, which have again compelled me to make changes the ways I participate in school, as well as traits that I hope to maintain for the duration of my career as a student. In terms of work ethics, I’ve reflected mostly on my test and quiz grades, in addition to my project and homework grades, all of which had led to the formation of my goals for my 3rd Quarter as an eighth grader.
To begin, the work that makes up the largest portion of my social studies grade consists of tests. In terms of tests, we’ve had three major exams within the past quarter: The Constitutional Convention, The Bill of Rights, and the Three Branches of Government tests. After reviewing my final grades on these tests, the second quarter appears to have been a great success pertaining to test grades, resulting in straight perfect scores in all three. The most substantial factor to this success, I’ve concluded, has been my recent use of Quizlet for studying for tests. Quizlet, being an online service, can be used anywhere with an internet connection, enabling me to study on the way to school, in the gym, or wherever seems convenient. For some reason, yet to be determined, the system the site uses seems to cause me to retain information much more efficiently than typical methods of studying. After witnessing the fantastic results of my experimentation with Quizlet, I definitely plan on continuing to use it for my other academics, besides social studies. While other things may have benefited my test grades, such as memory training and sleep scheduling, I would conclude that my new studying habits have been the best contributors. At this point, I’m quite far beyond satisfied with my exam scores.
Nextly, after reflecting upon the single project that I’ve worked on in the past quarter in social studies, the American Revolution Project, I was able to reach a few more conclusions about projects. Specifically, those that take place within groups. While I am happy with my final grade on the project, a 95% score, I quickly recalled several instances that could have gone better, especially in preparation. Despite making our best effort to select groupmates that we would be able to work efficiently with, we were faced with a few difficulties, such as conflicts in schedules, making it problematic to find a date and time that would accustom the entirety of our group. Because of this, our presentation took longer than expected to complete, causing us to be slightly unprepared for presenting our long week’s work. Because of this, we suffered miscommunications, confusions, and other...

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