Quattroporte Is In A Stage Of High Growth

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To come to a recommendation we compared each jurisdiction using the seven risk factors identified in Table 1.1. As such, each factor was assigned a value from 1 thru 5, 1 being very low risk and 5 being very high risk. This risk analysis allowed us to identify which jurisdiction provided the least amount of risks based on the selected criteria. Such data provided valuable insights into the relative stability of the economies as a whole, their ability to keep taxes low, the repatriation of funds back to the head office and highlights known risks associated with each country.
Quattroporte is in a stage of high growth and the decision to engage in an outsourcing strategy to reduce merchant fees is a vital step for the company to redirect its work involving processing transactions and focus on the company’s core activities in growing the company internally and ensuring sustainable growth. The management and leadership teams must consider various factors in deciding which of the three possible countries: IOM, BVI and Delaware will host the company’s future offshore location. In general, the commonalities of the three candidate jurisdictions are that they are all politically stable and established states and through various government incentives are attractive hosts for the setup of new businesses by both local and foreign owners. They also administer business-favorable taxation laws which allow companies to achieve higher profits than they would have in Canada. To distinguish the merits of each country’s ability to host Quattroporte’s future off shoring venture, the various competitive factors discussed in this paper were compared and contrasted amongst the three countries. After analysis, the recommendation is that due to advantages in economic/political stability, cost savings, international trade agreements, foreign exchange and reporting requirements and intellectual property rights, the offshore location should reside in Delaware.

Delaware has an inherent economic advantage to other countries because its backbone extends from the largest economy in the world. As such, residing in the US has the added advantages of economic and political stability. In relation to total population and relative size of GDP, IOM and BVI are similarly small. As well, for both countries, the economic climate is highly dependent upon attracting foreign companies to open an offshore subsidiary in its location. IOM and BVI have characteristically similar economies that are dedicated to the offshore financial industry and which rely on business licensing fees as a large part of its revenues. The main weakness for this business strategy is the risk of lower income during times of global economic downturn. For example BVI thrived with annual surpluses prior to 2008 due to large investments from companies all over the world, however during the global recession the country struggled mightily as it faced reduced global offshore investments. On the other hand,...

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