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Anne Boleyn was the second wife to King Henry VIII. However, that was about the only "second" that is attached to her name: Anne was the first woman to replace a rightful queen, the first queen to have a public trial, and also the first queen to be publicly executed in England. During her reign, both the common people and nobles alike were in turmoil. Never before had a simple adulteress, even one from a noble family, caused such a political uproar in England.Anne Boleyn was born sometime between 1502 and 1509 in England. When she was a young toddler, Anne was sent to be brought up in the French court. There she was taught to read, write, and be a proper noble lady. She also became fluent in English, Greek, Latin, and French. Around age 15, Anne was brought home to England. Because Anne was born to a noble family on the rise, she was given a position as one of Queen Catherine's ladies in waiting.Anne wasn't the typical Tudor beauty. Beautiful girls of the time were fair skinned and light haired. Lady Anne, however, had raven black hair and an olive tone to her skin. She was also famed for her jet black eyes, which could either be sultry and appealing or cold as ice. Though Anne wasn't the typical beauty and was rumored to have many moles and a sixth finger, one would wonder how such an "ugly girl" could be so captivating and attractive to the King of England.Somewhere around the summer of 1526, King Henry VIII took a special liking to his wife's lady in waiting. He showered her with gifts; everything from a new hunter (horse) to riding gloves, jewels, and gowns. Anne showed her gratitude and love for the King in a love letter written to him that summer. Anne was unlike the king's numerous previous mistresses. For one, she was not a "true" mistress until approximately 6 years into her courtship: she did not bed with Henry until about six months before their wedding. Accounts of the courtship between the King and the younger Boleyn girl suggest that, instead of holding the King with sex as his other "whores" did, Anne captivated him with charm and wit (and, as rumors have it, with "French whore's tricks").Anne's supposed chastity did little to save her reputation at court. Nearer the time of his annulment to Queen Catherine of Aragon, King Henry wrote to her asking her to relinquish several jewels of the crown to Anne. After receiving this letter, Catherine replied to her soon-to-be ex-husband, "I will not give them up to a person who is the scandal of Christendom and a disgrace to you". Catherine was sure that her husband wouldn't ever set her aside all on a whim for Anne. Though she fought with Spain and the Pope at her back, King Henry did indeed annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. This sent the country of England into a slight turmoil. Queen Catherine had done nothing wrong (except, of course, fail to produce an heir to succeed Henry on the throne), why should the King be allowed to set aside a good, faithful wife? No king had done such...

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