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Queen Elizabeth Essay

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skill warriors of their time. It was a well-organized and efficient army due to many of the army’s leaders that reformed the army into one of history’s greatest army that was never matched (Roman Military).
The Roman army didn’t start off as the great as people might have known it to been. At the beginning the Roman army consisted of farmers that worked in the army during the summer (The Roman Army of the Roman Republic). A Roman general and consul, Marius, is responsible for changing the army into its professional form. The poor had a chance to be in the military, veterans received land, and changed the organization of the Roman legion (The Roman Army). The Roman military was the most ...view middle of the document...

Only the well fit men were accepted to the next stage. The army would only accept the men from the top five social classes. Thieves, old, lazy, and immoral men were not allowed in the army. Once accepted they begin a process called “Probatio”, which the men go through a very strenuous physical and mental test. Once he has completed training he is sworn in before the commander of his assigned legion (Recruitment and Training in the Roman Army). The military structure started with the Emperor of Rome, after the emperor was the caser, and then came the Master of the Troops. The master led the commander of the naval fleet and the general of two or more legions. The generals commanded the legion commanders. General soldiers made up the legions the axillary units (Armies, War, and Societies in the West). When the army started to pay its soldiers they paid them based on their ranks, for the longest time the soldiers volunteered in the army. The higher you were up the more you got paid like todays military (The roman Army). The discipline in the Roman army was very strict, minor events would get a man kicked out and maybe some jail time, but major events such as treason would warrant a beheading (The Roman Army of the Roman Republic).
The Roman army used various war strategies like siege warfare. They would build walls around cities to cut off supplies and they would cut off their water supply. They would use ramming devices to break walls apart and catapults to hurl objects over into cities (The Roman Army of the Roman Republic). The Roman armies used various formations during battle, for example: the wedge is used to breach enemy lines and outflank them. They also had defensive formation to prevent from being flanked by the enemy by using light Calvary on the sides (Roman Tactics). The warriors had many tools of war; they had sword called the Gladius, a spear called Pilum. Their armor depended on...

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