Queen Elizabeth And The The Elizabethan Age

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In England, the period between the Gothic and Renaissance styles is knownas the Elizabethan age. It reached its peak in the late 1500s, toward the end of thelong reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and is often considered the last phase of the long-lasting Tudor style. Although the Elizabethan age produced a certain amount ofcharacteristic sculptures and paintings, the Elizabethan style can best be seen in theperiod's architecture. The dramatic personality of Elizabeth became the subject of avoluminous literature (Elizabethan Age). However, the literature coming out of thisperiod was also quite exceptional. Among the many great writers and poets wereEdmund Spenser who wrote a very detailed piece about a feast for Elizabeth, SirWalter Raleigh who wrote poems about Elizabeth, and William Shakesphere(Elizabethan Writers). The Gothic period preceding the Elizabethan age was basedvery much on religion. Secular buildings, sculpture, stained glass, illuminatedmanuscripts, and other decorative arts were produced in Europe during the latterpart of the Middle Ages. Since then the term Gothic has been restricted to the lastmajor medieval period, immediately following the Romanesque (Gothic Period).The Renaissance, following the Elizabethan age was a rebirth of scholarly interests.It was based on the classics of art, religion, science and inventions, philosophy, andhumanism (Renaissance).Queen Elizabeth I was a powerful political figure in English history. Herbackground was definitely relative to her choice of words and her topics that sheused in 'When I Was Fair and Young.' Elizabeth was born in London onSeptember 7, 1533. She spent her childhood away from the court and received anexcellent classical education under such scholars as Roger Ascham, who influencedher greatly (Plowden 7). Her exceptional education aided in many of her futuredecisions and successes.In 1554, Elizabeth was imprisoned on the false charge of having beeninvolved in Wyatt's rebellion. 'She was later released, having outwardly professedRoman Catholicism, and regained Mary's favor' (11-12)). Mary was her sister wholocked her up because she felt threatened by Elizabeth. Mary falsely accusedElizabeth of aiding in a Protestant rebellion. At the death of Mary in 1558,Elizabeth became queen, beginning one of the greatest reigns in English history (15).At the time of Elizabeth's accession, England was torn by religious strife, waseconomically insecure, and was involved in a disastrous war with France (19).'Although she was excessively vain and capricious, her monarchial duties werealways her primary concern. Her policies and her colorful personality made herextremely popular with her subjects.' (20)'Elizabeth's domination of the period to which her name became attachedwas due in part to the exuberant national spirit that she inspired, and thatcharacterized all of England during the second half of the 16th century' (23). Withthe religious question settled and the war with France concluded by the...

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