Queen Elizabeth Vs. Mary Queen Of Scots Language/History Essay/Assignment

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Queen Elizabeth vs. Mary Queen of Scotts
            When you think of conflicts between nations, the common comment is WWl or WWll. These are the most popular events and the ones we are taught in school, but conflict started way before the 1940 war. When Elizabeth’s father Henry Vlll dies he named her successor in his will and testament. Many protested against her claim to the throne and rule, saying Mary Queen of Scotland is the rightful heir. Being the legitimate grandchild of Mary Tudor, Henry’s sister, she also had a valid claim to the throne. This divided the two queens for the rest of their lives. 
            Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland married King Henry ll’s son, Francois making her queen of France and Scotland. While in France a protestant vs. catholic uprising had begun in Scotland. Mary sent French and Scottish troops trying to defend her catholic kingdom. This form of civil war between the Scotts and some aid of French and English, ended with the treaty of Edinburgh, leaving the protestants teamed up with queen Elizabeth victorious and Mary humiliated. Later that year in 1560, Mary’s husband Francois died, leaving her no choice but to go back to Scotland and claim her throne.
            When Mary reclaimed her throne, the relationship started in...

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