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Queen Elizabeth I Esssay Essay

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"I will be as good unto ye as ever a Queen unto her people. No will in me can lack, neither do I trust shall lack any power. And persuade yourselves that for the safety and quietness of you all I will not spare if need be to spend my blood".The Elizabethan era was the bond between the Renaissance and the modern eras. It is not coincidental that when you compare these two eras on opposite ends of the time in which Queen Elizabeth ruled, there have been vast improvements. There are significant values that remained the same all throughout the past and modern Western societies throughout Queen Elizabeth's reign. Thus, her reign as Queen was a link between the past and future. This link signifies this in four major aspects. Two if them that share a close-knit relationship are: the loyalty a leader can receive from their citizens, and the devotion a leader has to their citizens. Also, the above quote seems to have a subject of change (whichever way you want to interpret it) in it. Finally, the quote can have a connotation of a "higher calling", or when a person is destined to be a ruler.This quote shoes just how strong the bond between a leader and his/her citizens can be. The first example of this is in the quote how Queen Elizabeth would risk physical harm to herself in order to protect her people. This is an example of a bond between the past and the future because before her time in the medieval era, there was an example of this in the six major cities during the late 15th and early 16th centuries, specifically in the example of Istanbul. When the Ottomans invaded Constantinople in 1453, they had the leadership of Sultan Mehmet II, who at the age of only 21, was the leader of what was to become one of the most feared empires at that time. Mehmet turned out to be much like Queen Elizabeth in that he was, for one humble. After the takeover of Constantinople, he was seen riding to Haggia Sophia, kneeled before it, and putting dirt on his turban. This example of humility showed that he had compassion and respect for the Byzantines and their Orthodox-Catholic religion. This symbolized that Mehmet felt he was equal to the people he had just taken over, and that his Islamic culture was in no way superior. Today, a great example of this would be Nelson Mandela, who became the president of the African National Congress (ANC) in 1991 after being imprisoned for over 20 years for the sake of his fellow Africans. This is an example of a rare bond between a leader and his/her people in which there is an absolute commitment, regardless of the detriment. Also much like Elizabeth, Mehmet II became a powerful, yet compassionate leader that was willing to embrace changes in order to make the nation better. In Elizabeth's case, this quote proves that she is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of 'the greater good'. For Mehmet, instead of a monotonous city that was once the capital of Christianity, Istanbul embraced different religions and cultures from different...

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1272 words - 5 pages coolly indifferent. Works Cited Alchin, L.K. "Elizabethean Era." 20 March 2008. 17 April 2010 . Dunn, Jane. Elizabeth & Mary. New York: Random House Inc., 2003. Richards, Judith. "The Two Tudors Queens Regent." History Review (2005): 1-42. Weir, Alison. The Life of Elizabeth I. New York: Random House Inc., 2008.

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