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Queen Mary I Of England Essay

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Mary Tudor (also known as Mary I of England) was born to King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Her birth took place in Greenwich on February 18th, 1516. Yet she was born the earlier years of their marriage, (England under the Tudors) her reign of power was to the contradiction that earned her the title of “Bloody Mary”, (Queen "Bloody" Mary I Tudor of England) as to which still, to this day, continues to live down in history.
Mary was born as the fifth child of King Henry VIII and Catherine, Princess of Wales. Three brothers and a sister did not survive. Mary, actually, was supposed to be their sixth and last child that they bore together as also a daughter, was stillborn. ...view middle of the document...

He later arranged for her to take lessons to learn these languages. Her tutors strongly believed in the idea of girls learning as much as the young men they tutored as well. She worked hard and persevered for the best as she was educated in these areas. Henry VII was quite the proud father of his very intelligent daughters’ achievements.
As that was to be true, Henry VIII was also very displeased with their mother Catherine who was not able to bring forth a son, whom Henry wished would become the next ruler in line for the throne. Because of this, the King feared that Mary would indeed, inherit the throne after his passing, resulting in a civil war pursuing throughout England. (Queen "Bloody" Mary I Tudor of England) As a result, the royal life of being a princess was cut for her and her half-sister Elizabeth I, whom was conceived between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn after an annulment was rejected by the pope between the king and his wife Catherine. Because of this, Henry asked the Bishop to allow the annulment to happen. After the annulment had occurred, King Henry VII had decided that it would be best if Mary was relocated to the town of Richmond. They decided that this was the “best decision,” since Catherine was the mother of Mary. (qtd. in “Mary Tudor”) Mary was pushed aside and ignored by her own father. She was even considered illegitimate. Later, Henry ordered the execution of Anne Boleyn to take place after a conspiracy was sought to bring down Henry VII. He then married Jane Seymour, whom he conceived and bought forth a son, Edward, whom was to take the royal duties as King, leaving Mary and Elizabeth as “royal bastards.” (Queen "Bloody" Mary I Tudor of England) They were no longer considered a part of the royal court. Instead of being a lady in waiting and being served by her servants, she was forced to become one for her father and brother. Her life was completely changed drastically. To add more to her sorrowful young life, her mother was kept as a prisoner, but she was prohibited from visiting her while she was in captivity. Catherine of Aragon later died on January 7th of 1536, due to a sudden illness, without getting to write to her daughter of her disease she had contracted. Mary was still prohibited from attending her funeral and burial. (Scotland’s Mary)
During the teen and early adolescent years of her life, while still in captivity and before the passing of Catherine (her mother), Mary had received a letter from William Paulet, Comptroller of the Royal Household. In the letter, she was described as “Lady Mary, the King’s daughter” because of “the diminishing of her high estate.” (qtd. in “Mary Tudor”) She [Mary], of course, would not stand for such outrageous lowering in the social class that her father had recognized her in. She angrily wrote a letter towards her father “The King”, that he would “take [her] for the lawful daughter in holy matrimony.” (qtd. in “Mary Tudor”) She refused to stand by her father’s...

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