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Queen Of Air And Darkness Essay

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Becoming a knight requires confrontations, lessons, and the autonomy of oneself. In the novel, The Once and Future King, T.H White conveys in the first two books, that a new king must learn from those around them and listen to their prudent words to eventually create their own kingdom. Arthur, who was once a squire and had lacked the idea of ever becoming a knight, had been confronted with the reality of human nature, which had only made him mature and grow as a person and as a knight. T.H White suggests that human nature lessons will help one’s view on society and will raise one to be a successful leader.
King Arthur, once the Wart, had been helped by those surrounding him to benefit him when dealing with human nature. The Wart is a young squire raised by Sir Ector himself, who always believed his life would be stuck as living as a Squire. Little did he know that the famous tenacious sword in the stone would label him the new king. The Wart finds a magician, Merlyn, when pondering through the forest one day, and brings him home for Sir Ector to approve for Merlyn becoming the Wart’s tutor. Merlyn brings the Wart on several adventures where he experiences different kinds of power which benefits him when later becoming king. Merlyn transforms the Wart into many diverse animals, where the Wart experiences different levels on a social class. During the perch transformation, the Wart is transformed into a fish, where he experiences fishes below him and above him. A small roach seeks the help of Merlyn, for his mother is ill and needs preserving. Merlyn cures the mother with a spell and shows the Wart when help is asked from one, it is one’s responsibility to provide. Afterwards, Merlyn brings the Wart to meet the leader of the moat. He expresses to the Wart that “Might is Right” in his monarchy. His subjects obey him of fear of losing their lives. The king fish treats his subjects without respect, for he will eat them if one does not obey him or such as gets bored with them, like he had done with the Wart. The Orkney Brothers will soon to be Arthur’s subjects. As young teenagers and kids, they contain ignorance and lack of knowledge on what is wrong, for so that society does not tell them what is right or wrong. The Orkney brothers were bored and fatigued one day and decided to go play with some donkeys. The reckless kids had ridden them and tortured them, but then again, no one had told them not to; “Nobody had told them that it was cruel to hurt them, but then, nobody had told the donkeys either.” The Orkney brothers live in a society where obligations are not told to young kids like they are, so they are able to do these harmful actions, without knowledge that it is wrong. As King, Arthur must learn to use his own lessons and teach his kingdom what is wrong and right, for everyone, even donkeys, should be treated with respect.

King Arthur has dealt with many situations in which he is both the subject and the ruler, and where he comes to terms...

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