"Queen Of Air And Darkness By Poul Andersen" Character Analysis. Talks Of Morgause And Her Four Boys

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In the Queen of Air and Darkness Morgause raises four boys. She is not a goodmother, and she does not give her boys a sense of right and wrong. She often ignoresthem for days at a time and beats them when they displease her. She acts as if they werepets rather than human beings, to be loved or not at her convenience . But despite thiscommon maltreatment, the boys turn out very differently.Gawaine is the oldest of the boys and in many ways the most normal. He becomesa knight in Arthur's court, fighting for him loyally. The way in which he is affected by hisupbringing is his rages. When provoked Gawaine goes into a berserk rage in which hedoes things he would normally never do. When Gawaine and Agravaine are arguing overwhether or not to write a letter to their father about the knights, Agravaine refuses to say heis wrong, so Gawaine goes berserk and attacks him. He does not simply beat him, butchokes him and slams his head against the floor until Gareth pulls him off. If Gareth hadnot been there, Gawaine very well might have killed his younger brother. Gawaine evenkills a women when worked up to a rage. These rages are a product of the unhealthychildhood he endured.The next child, Agravaine, is probably the least well adjusted of the four. He tendsto be sadistic and self-centered. The children were told the tale of the King of Ireland bySt. Toirdealbhach; the tale where the king gets a head wound and can not be excited, butthen he dies while trying to defend his savior. Agravaine does not see any point in puttingone's self in danger to protect any one else. He says "It was silly, it did no good," becausehe does not understand the principal behind the story. He does not understand that thereare things other than yourself worth dying for. Agravaine's sadism is evidenced in theUnicorn episode. After the boys agree to capture and not kill the unicorn, Agravaine runsup behind it and begins...

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