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Queens: Catherine And Elizabeth, Theodore Roosevelt And Winston Churchill, Hitler And Stalin.

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Catherine and Elizabeth1. Questionable LegitimacyCatherine - Catherine owed her throne to a conspiracy that deposed and assassinated her mentally ill husband Peter III.Catherine slept with rulers of other countries to form alliances.Elizabeth - Elizabeth was proclaimed an illegitimate child of Henry VIII by parliament before her father verified her in his last will and testamentElizabeth locked the deciding votes in a dungeon when she presented her proposal for the Church of England to Parliament.2. Committed to their reign with an apparent sympathetic tilt toward the common peopleCatherine - In 1707, Catherine convened a commission of delegates from all the social classes except serfs to frame a constitution.Before her accession to the throne, Catherine had planned to emancipate the serfs.Elizabeth - Elizabeth picked up most of her ministers from the ranking just below nobility.Elizabeth used the Parliament not only for taxes, but to discuss local issues and problems the serfs were having as well.3. Willing to kill those close to them to maintain authorityCatherine - Catherine was allegedly involved in the conspiracy to overthrow and assassinate her husband Peter III.Just before her death, Catherine prepared to fight to protect the monarchy in the French Revolution, which would have betrayed many of her French lovers.Elizabeth - Elizabeth killed her cousin Mary Queen of Scots, who posed a threat to her throne.Elizabeth's 'last favorite' Earl Robert Devereux of Essex was tried for treason and executed in 1601 when he returned from Ireland against her orders and attempted to raise an insurrection.4. Appreciated the importance of sea powerCatherine - One of Catherine's biggest goals was to get a warm water port for Russia, because they couldn't compete by navy in the winter when the St. Petersburg port was frozen over.Catherine used her navy to defeat the Turks in the Aegean Sea, and force the Ottoman navy to sign the Treaty of Kutchuk- Kainardji in 1774.Elizabeth - Elizabeth used her navy to overthrow the Spanish armada, a prestigious navy with goals to conquer Britain under Phillip II.Elizabeth hired sailors, called sea dogs, and gave them licenses to pillage and kill for the gain of England.5. Encouraged arts and literatureCatherine - During Catherine's reign, St. Petersburg became a center for European culture and education.Catherine was interested in the ideas of the philosophes, and supported Voltaire and Diderot financially.Elizabeth - Elizabeth had a thirst for knowledge, and as a result scholars and artists flocked to her court to learn, and actors came to perform for the queen.Elizabeth commissioned Shakespeare to write historical plays, such as Henry V, illustrating the history of the Tudor family.6. Were interested in using religion to protect themselves and their countriesCatherine - Catherine converted from Lutheranism to Orthodox Russian upon marrying Peter of Holstein. Despite her unhappy marriage, she embraced the new religion....

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