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Queens In Disney Movies Essay

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In Walt Disney’s classic films Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. The antagonist, the evil fairy queen Maleficent magically appears in the midst of the christening princess Aurora, the daughter of King Stefan and the Queen. And the Evil Queen in Snow White hunts down her step daughter because of her beauty. The question to be asked is are characters still characters over a period of time?
There are many artistic values of The Evil Queen and Maleficent. The Queen is a fictional character in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and in the Disney animated film based on it. The Queen was often referred to as "Queen Grim Hilde" in Disney publications of the 1930s. Her appearance was inspired by the Helen Gahagan character in the film She (1935). The Queen is extremely beautiful, but very vain. She seduced and married a widowed king, who had a daughter called Snow White with his first wife. After the king died, the Queen sent Snow White to work in her castle and forced her stepdaughter to abandon her title as Princess, similar to the situation of Cinderella.
Maleficent is the wicked dark fairy and main antagonist in Walt Disney's 1959 adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. She was animated by Marc Davis, and voiced by Eleanor Audley (who also voiced Lady Tremaine, the stepmother of Cinderella). She cursed the infant Aurora to "prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die" before the sun set on her sixteenth birthday after not being invited to the baby's christening.

Maleficent is responsible for "all misfortune that befalls King Stefan's kingdom." (King Stefan is the father of Princess Aurora.) Maleficent also possesses a range of magical powers and artifacts, such as using the crystal ball on her staff to taunt Prince Philip with images of a bleak future. She also casts spells, such as inflicting Aurora with a curse of death (weakened to a curse of sleep by the good fairy Merryweather), creating thunderstorms, sending frosts, projecting lightning, teleporting, and changing shapes. Some of Maleficent's forms in the film were that of a spinning wheel, a Will o' the wisp, and a dragon.
Snow White in my opinion is possible one of the most notable of fairy tale, it’s the story of an Evil Queen who is jealous of her beautiful step-daughter and a dangerous huntsman to kill her. After the huntsman is unable to go through with killing Snow, she runs throughout the forest and finds a cottage (Callow, 2013). Once Snow White, finds a cottage, she begins to eat from the kitchen , and falls asleep, she was found by seven dwarfs who take pity on her and agree that she can stay with them as long as she cooks and cleans for them(Callow, 2013). Soon after hearing that the huntsman has betrayed her from her magic mirror, the Evil Queen which then takes matters into her own hands and decides to set out to kill Snow White herself (Callow, 2013). After disguising herself as an old beggar the Evil Queen gives Snow White a poisoned apple and...

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