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Quest On The Mind Essay

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David Hume, the insightful philosophical wonderer who asks the questions about ourselves the limitations we are bound to, and what truly makes human beings what we are. In specific Hume is trying to persuade us into the understanding of matters of fact, in which we base our lives upon and form habits towards certain things and how we grow accustom to other things surrounding us. After all, we do not know how things are going to turn out to be, we can only assume from previous experiences we have had, that things will turn out the same as they did in past through cause and effect and in Hume’s words custom and habit.

Hume starts off by differentiating between Impressions and ideas, both are perceived through our minds but according to Hume impressions are formed by the actual sensory experiences we achieve by experiencing things first hand. While ideas are just the remains left of our impression and are now just a fleeting memory of the past. Hume explains it as the copy thesis; “…all our ideas or more feeble perceptions are copies of our impressions or more lively ones.” (13) I can say for example; having sex on first experience leaves a lasting impression through the senses and emotions on what sex is really like and becomes a powerful vivid experience. They’re on after, having the idea of sex is only as powerful as the memory of your impression of it, and cannot be as vivid or as powerful as the impression you first had with the experience. A person, who has not had the experience of sex, cannot say with all honesty that they know what sex is like. Even if they have the idea of sex through impression they get from watching pornography or by any other means, they still lack a sufficient understanding that a real impression of it gives you; it’s not just visual or auditory experience that makes sex, sex. It is the full bundle of our entire senses, from feelings to the emotions we get that makes sex what it is for us. The ideas and thoughts we hold are connected with one another through the three principles of association, which include resemblance, contiguity in time or place, and cause or effect.

The way we live in this world is by learning and adapting to our environment constantly. Over the years we have observed and experienced that there are matters of fact in the world that always seem to reoccur, but how do we understand these matters of fact? When we wake up every morning we expect there to be light out side, because it is a matter of fact that the sun rises every morning causing they’re to have the effect of sunlight. We know this to be true because every other morning we have woken up, it is not dark outside. Therefore, through past experiences someone can understand matters of fact through cause and effect relations and can expect to see something again in the future because it happened in the past before. Hume understands the fault to this belief in...

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