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Citizens within a democratic nation have a responsibility to be actively involved within their government and truly understand the rights and demands placed upon them. The political democratic community is working ideally when its citizens are participating with informed decisions. It is a machine that functions properly when it's citizens understand their rights and responsibilities within their society. Citizens need to also be aware of the problems and truths within politics. Democracy is not perfect and this is the reality when working with its citizens in helping them understanding their place in the political game. The society within a democratic nation works by understanding the rights of everyone involved as well as the allocation of resources within their community, state and nation.
However, the civic responsibilities of the people within the nation are not just in regards to the nation they support but also globally. This is a component of citizenship education that is missing within today's teaching, but is building as nations are becoming more interdependent on one another and are becoming more interconnected. Mansilla & Gardner (2007) discussed in-depth the topic of “global consciousness” where students would build the ability to see themselves and the world around them, being “conscious” of global activity and able to “orient their actions accordingly”. (p. 6) This concept is useful within the practice of global education in schools because it helps students understand the world around them and their place within it, rather than just learning about the world and still being objectionable to everything that is on the “outside”. Students need to see themselves as active agents in the world and the deepening effect of their political, economical, and environmental actions on others nationally and globally.
Within the field of social studies, education teachers are required to make sure that students are aware of their abilities as citizens, even before they can legally vote. It is important that students understand their rights and responsibilities as United States citizens start as soon as they are born. Citizens should understand that through their democratic and political education that their rights as
Walter, #3310557, Page 3
citizens are vital in protecting their local communities and states. Citizenship education is not just about celebrating the nation-state, its holidays and traditions and history, but also building the student’s understanding of the powers of the government and the organizations within the society and how citizens are a part of each piece of the political pie. Students will learn about the important and key documents that provide precedence for the people's rights and responsibilities, such as; the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Students will learn of the relationships between these documents and how they apply to each state and to the nation overall and lastly how...

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