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Question 1: What Do You Consider To Be Your Greatest Achievement? Why Does It Mean So Much To You? (2013)

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Everyone has his or her proudest achievement, be it clinching first in a competition, acing a test or something small, like baking chocolate cake. To me, an achievement means something that required effort, consistency or courage to have been accomplished, achieved or attained. In fact, my greatest achievement to date is having understood someone, knowing him like the back of my hand. I consider this to be my greatest achievement due to several reasons.
Firstly, my greatest achievement did not come to me easily. It was through gathered courage and respect that got me there. Nobody makes good friends with one another without one parties’ initiative and amicableness, including knowing where to draw the line. An example would be two cyber strangers on Facebook and one initiates a conversation respectfully yet in a friendly tone. The other would probably respond in the same tone. The same went with me. I initiated a conversation in the hope of becoming friends and this hope was not ...view middle of the document...

Initially, it was difficult for me but with his constant reminder of when to log off and both parties self-discipline, we managed to juggle between homework, revision and other things, although it seemed as if we could talk for hours with such interest. However, we must be aware of our own cyber wellness and our actions. Being the worry wart that I am, I would worry if I had started to grow on him and I started worrying about out well-being since “chatting”, as we all know, can easily drown a person in addiction when consumed most of their time. Academic results and sleeping may suffer from it. Hence, the importance of discipline was strongly reiterated.
Last but not least, this great achievement meant a lot to me because it continues to be my key source of emotional support in whatever friendship problems and drama I encounter in the present and in the future. I had a life goal to be great friends with someone internationally, and I am proud to say that I have accomplished that successfully. Throughout all the conversations we had, we looked to each other for emotional support, and he was like a big brother, and a good friend to me. He was also my cushion when I was about to land on the ground. This thought me that being on good terms with our friends really can do wonders when we are in need. Both parties started to gain trust in one another, so we shared some of our personal life with each other, and it felt good to know more about the other party. All these positive rushes of feelings that course through my veins have the capability to make me feel positive and grab the moments in life. Hence, this great achievement of mine spurs me on to continue with my endeavours, because years from now, I see myself smiling at all the achievements I have made and the feelings in me would swell with pride from the values, morals and etiquettes instilled in me.
To conclude, this is my greatest achievement yet because I am a social person, and I have learnt the importance of time management and how to cope with my current hectic student life, and with initiative and thinking ahead, this will continue to spur me on, and serve as my source of pride and comfort in my social pursuits and I seek greater, and preferably more prestigious achievements in the future.

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