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Question Three: Socrates is not conscious of his ignorance; do I see any social and political implications of this today?

For me, this quote by Socrates says that he, and he alone is aware of how little he knows, while being viewed as one with superior wisdom. This holds true for each and everyone of us, scholars and ordinary people alike. Although we know there is more to Socrates’ wisdom then he cares to admit according to Plato’s writings. What has also been said by Plato is that Socrates’ claimed that he never started any arguments, they always came from the person he was talking with, even though he knew he had a slight advantage in having the skill to recall similar discussions about the matter from another’s wisdom and tailor it in a way befitting his style. I understand that Socrates’ has been seen to some as an intellect, whose questioning brings the thoughts of others into perspective and from out of the darkness. But his skill in clarifying and debating, a skill which he truly excelled at; to him, was not a form of real wisdom as far as he was concerned. He believes real wisdom is accurate knowledge about ethical subjects and how to live ones life. So, when Socrates claims ignorance, I believe he means being ignorant about the pillars of morality and his goal was to try and correct this deficiency through his teachings.

Unfortunately, I do see social and political implications today. Especially since the election of President Barack Obama the political and social oppression being imposed on this country can be clearly seen from every viewpoint. This oppression has always been woven into the fabric of our countries history and the history of mankind, but today in America it has rose to a new and frightening level. A level to which our countries government, and elected official’s chosen to handle it’s business, are so partisan and divided; people of good will are truly suffering. So, for me, oppression intentional or not, is arguably the main reason for almost all of our problems and has been haunting us for many decades. We are not alone, because in countries rich and poor around the world, oppression remains significant problem and results in some of the cruelest treatment to mankind, and in some cases all out genocide. Although many people of good will try to fight against these injustices through donations and charities, it’s never enough because social and political oppression seems to sprout up in a moments notice with ease.

Therefore, after witnessing our failure to eliminate this dreadful essence, one may conclude that, in truth, social and political oppression is cause not only by one tyrannical leader and common greed, which a large percentage of our funds and charities fight against, but also by lack of education and general ignorance. Overall, our populations are too quick to accept the propaganda given to them and allow their governments to become the exact opposite of what they originally desired....

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