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Do Social Institutions Benefit The Needs Of Society Or Hinder The Needs Of Society?

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A social institution is an organization /social framework whose function is to meet the needs of its members by providing them direction and basic principles/rules for society. A social institution must satisfy the societies basic needs of its members. Healthcare institutions are a good example of how a social institution satisfies the basic needs of its members, these institutions are put in place to prevent the ill health of its members. These institutions must demonstrate dominant values and beliefs of the society, establish patterns of social behaviour and must define frameworks for roles for individuals and groups (gender roles). They must satisfy needs of people and groups and provide structure for people. If all these functions are met a cohesive and functioning society is said to be created. Every social institution provides a set of expected roles and behaviours from the people.
Among the world only 5 of these social institutions are recurring. These are family, religion, education, government, economy. The role of family is to shape young individuals into functioning members of society The role of religion is to answer our larger, often inexplicable questions we have. Religion also reminds citizens of their duties and to provide people a sense of purpose The role of education is to provide knowledge to people and prevent social inequalities Education is also preparation for children when moving on to their adult life. Education is a socialization agent and integrates individuals into their society.The role of government is to preserve order. Governmental institutions preserve internal and external order. The role of economical social institutions is to provide exchange, commerce and prosperity amongst the people.
What would the 3 disciplines say about social institutions? :
Sociologist: Social institutions are put in place to unify a society and its people but don’t always end up doing so. These institutions strive to provide safety for the community as a whole and provide reassurance that they are in good hands. Karl Marx would claim that social institutions serve the purpose of maintaining the power of the dominant group. This isn’t always good as this power/monetary inequality can deem less wealthy people underprivileged. In this situation social institutions hinder people from getting their needs. Armies are developed for the defence of societies and their nation but are often misusing the power they posses to harm others and profit from their harm.
Psychologist: A psychologist would say that social institutions aim to provide safety for individuals, peace of mind and reassurance that they are in good hands. People who aren’t capable of satisfying their own needs can rely on the governments aid. For every purchase made and every dollar earned by an individual a small percentage is taken to aid the less fortunate.This gives a society unifying feeling and the idea that everyone will be taken care of. Jean Piaget would say that...

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