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Question For Week 9: Why Was There A Mushrooming Of Ngo During The 1960s? What Are Some Problems Faced By The Ng Os In Their Relationship With The

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In the 1960s, global community has been the main concern of international relation. Geopolitical dramas such as the Vietnam War, the Cuban missile crisis and the Chinese-Soviet rift triggered agreements between nations to freeze the expansion of the Cold War. Global struggle for power was still prominent even thereafter, rendering difficulty in bringing stability, nuclear disarmament, and ideological agreement among countries. The rise of non-governmental organizations (NGO) in North America and Western Europe happened when individuals who disagree with the actions taken by the states and have come together to form their own ‘’government” to take matters into their own hands. Yet, the ...view middle of the document...

These initiatives taken have suggested obligations for advanced countries to implement aspiring developmental plans overseas. World Bank who initially assisted European countries to recover from the war devastation began to be interested in developmental matters in the Third World country. It was their main agenda to provide such assistance as an enduring solution for poverty and hunger troubles. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, established in 1961 by the better-off countries of Europe, North America and Oceania, on the other hand, sought to coordinate their various foreign aid programs for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II, President’s Kennedy’s initiation of the Alliance for Progress, and the establishment of the Agency for International Development. “The consequences of the Cold War such as domestic of external internecine warfare were severe enough to grasp the attention of the United Nations as well as intergovernmental organizations, but nongovernmental played key role in providing assistance” (Iriye, 2002, p. 100).

NGO by definition is a non-profit, voluntary civilian's group, which is structured on a local, national or international level. They are driven by common interest in performing various humanitarian functions. Eventually, they formed a bridge between the needy and the state. The government had their own bodies that run similar missions. Yet, disagreement between both parties occurred on a frequent basis. The activities of the NGOs were usually governed by restrictions and rules making it difficult for NGOs to achieve their ideals. The government monitors the activities of the nongovernmental organizations and ensures their accountability. “Nongovernmental organizations, however, did not operate in a vacuum. In both donor and recipient countries, they somehow had to cope with the presence of the state. Depending on the nature of the political system in a country, autonomy and freedom of action on the part of private organizations could be restricted. Even in the United States, private organizations found it frustrating to work with agencies such as the Peace Corps and the Agency for International Development.” (Iriye, 2002, pp. 109, 110) Apart from being observed, there are cases where the NGOs did not obtain approval and funding from the state to carry out their plans....

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