Question: For Your Creative Writing Task Write Up A Short Story. My Story Is A Very Emotional One! Suitable For Those Doing Their Gcse's.

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FROZEN JOURNEYLove, the complexity of this word is so much that you could write volumes trying to define its true meaning and what love really is. No one has ever come close to explaining the true meaning of love and the concept of it, that's because the word love is so complex that describing it and explaining it to the full is impossible. Is it possible to live when no one in the world loves you? What is possible though is understanding some forms of love and how it can be gained. A family, loving and caring is arguably the most prevailing form of love that one gains in his life... but what about those whom don't remember their family or were born without one? Where is the central source of love for them? How does it feel to live a life without a family?***Rachel Watson, 16, gazed out of her window into the dark silent night outside, the stars in full glow; the moon's luminous light reflecting off the treetops below, the sounds of owls screeching was the only thing that could be heard, the inhabitants of Walsly Street all seemed to be sleeping, the only light to be seen in the distance was that of a streetlamp, no signs of movement outside in the cool breezy July night. Rachel looked at her watch which read 2:30 a.m, she hopped out of bed and looked into the mirror, a tall girl with silvery blonde hair which fell almost to her waist, she had large blue eyes, and very white teeth, even teeth. She gaped at her reflection for a few moments before setting of back to her bed, she laid their motionless thinking about something that crossed her mind often, how does it feels to be part of a family or to have parents. She would often fantasise about her waking up one day and seeing her mother or father, even though she never remembered what they looked like, she made people up. Fantasies are very rarely made reality, but sometimes every blue moon there is this little chance that a dream or a fantasy may become a reality.Rachel was awoken next morning by the consistent grousing of Josh, the youngest child in the orphanage home. It was clear that he wasn't too pleased with something, and obviously made no effort to keep his voice down as to not wake up the others. Rachel, who was now fully awake, got up and headed downstairs too see what all the commotion was about. She felt really bushed; she had stayed up so long last night. She stepped into the kitchen, 'Mornin' everyone' she said in a clear voice over the ever-going squabbling of Josh from the living room. 'Morning Rachel' replied several people at once. Looking around at the people sitting round the small wooden table, it was distinguishable to her that she was the last person to have woken up and that everyone was sitting around waiting for their breakfast. Luke, Emily, Charlie, Charlotte, Neil, Josh and Rachel were the only kids in this orphanage home, which was a suitable size to fit their needs. Rachel took a seat next to Neil, 'So what's Josh moaning about today then?' she asked him in a bored...

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997 words - 4 pages course" The other target she hit knocked the down she missed so I let her have her way. She cocked the rifle, brought it up to aim and fired. Sure enough that target went down. "You are amazing and is there anything else I do not know about you smiling" "Oh there is a lot but that would take the mystery of of it wouldn't it", grinning. "I suppose and we have plenty of time to find out those things my dear" As we walked back to the cabin we held

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535 words - 2 pages smokers. They often asked me if I want a cigarette but I kept saying ?No, smoking causes death? and they use to laugh and say ?Are you scared about that-chicken??Hardly anyone ever asks me for ID. Maybe I look eighteen.How did your parents react when they knew that you smoke?They were a bit worried but they didn?t yell at me or anything, they just told me how bad smoking is, the short and long term effects of smoking and how hard it is to give up.Is

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2101 words - 9 pages wanted a special Christmas surprise, and oh Jesus did that not sit well for me. I love women as much as the next cis male, but students who go here, those who aren’t going towards a path at a professional school, are very, well colourful to say the least. Then this girl came into the room, and it looked like time had slowed for a moment for me to see her walk in the room. I saw nothing special, I saw a short, brunette girl, skin as white as the

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1099 words - 4 pages This was an assignment that we got for our creative writting class. We had to write a little short story from a point of view of an unique character. Any comments/compliments would be appericiated to make this a bit better, thank you.-----------------------------------------------------------It is close to the dawn and I'm standing at the edge of the roof by a white marble statue of an angel. The angel appears to be on his knees looking down

creative writing assignment... about 4 men in antarctica (this is a SHORT STORY)

485 words - 2 pages discerned that there were multiple flags sticking out of the ice. There were flags from England, Russia, America, and Spain. They determined that the flags were from other Antarctic explorers who made the same journey to the bottom of the earth.In the end, the adventure seekers found what they were looking for. After a week and a half of blood, pain, and sweat in the blistering cold, they had finally conquered the elements. They went up against the best Earth had to offer and won. They raised their arms in triumph as they stood at the bottom of the world.

The car crash! This is a short story that i wrote for my GCSE this particular one got graded a B

914 words - 4 pages Joni's bed stood out against the whiteness of the room. The man wore casual clothes so he couldn't have been a doctor or nurse, and yet Joni didn't know who this man was or why he was visiting her."Ssshh, lie back down you need your rest now" an unfamiliar voice told her, standing up from where he was sitting he looked tall leaning over Joni's bed."But..." she tried to answer being interrupted not only by the constant throbbing of her head but also

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804 words - 3 pages away, but in the end it left me curious. The women I know on the island have all been here since they were born, but this new man did not act like a native. He didn't act like a woman.I looked around to see if anyone else had seen the newcomer, but there was no one around. I turned back to the man and found that he was no longer there. However, I could still sense that he was about, and I continued to look for him. He was the one right in front of

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1004 words - 5 pages is it? You know as a marking of justice and good moral examples for generations to come?” Resole knew that this was that sort of a story. “hmm.” The ranger turned from his horse to face Resole. “I don’t think you understand that ‘justice’ is in the eye of the beholder, ma’m, in which I mean that whereas your perspectives may very well be that ya’ll are wrongfully brought to this here country, my perspective begs to differ. As I see it, my

Anticpation is about 9-11 a creative writing piece about a firefighters strugle to survive. short story

1709 words - 7 pages blaring alarm went off, I headed for my locker and put on my gear and slid down the pole. I was instructed to ride in the fire truck instead of on top of it because the chief had to brief us. The fire chief briefed us,"Gentleman we have a huge problem a plane has crashed into one of the Twin Towers. It's a mess down there I need you to evacuate the people and help them down to safely. John and Larry I want you guys to head up the north stairs... Eric

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