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Doubt Discovery speechTroubled, distraught, looking around this world there was a part of me that understand anything at all in life, which held me back form society. Why was I raised? Why was I here in the first place? What's the point of living in a society where everyone looks down on you like an emotionless rock? I had to seek that for myself and find that true identity hidden inside of me.Looking into the future and even today, I still doubt about my actions and lose sight of those ideals and never focus on what direction I was going to pursue. In school, I was rather slow at learning and my grades weren't as good as I expect them to be; usually I would get 50-60% in my exams and looking at the number of smart student's exam papers, they would always get 80% up. They had that capability and talent so why didn't I have that, why was I born so useless. Is it because of my parent's poor background genetics embedded into me, or was it because I was born disabled this way? I just sit there blaming myself again and again and others if I couldn't accomplish anything, but I knew blaming myself wouldn't solve anything.What will happen into the future if I keep on doing this, I don't know? Am I going to become a homeless and uneducated person for the rest of my life or a burden who relies on others to do their jobs for them? Coincidence, accident, despair. Whose fault will it be if things end up like this, it's me.At home and outside, I still ponder about these clouded thoughts that still plague my mind. I wanted to be like everyone else, the light that always shines to support others in the dark, but for some reason my light was dim....

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