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A QUESTION OF VALUES One day, I have a discussion to my home, and in the midst of my discussion, I hear the air raid siren. I turn on the radio and the Civil Defense station broadcasts information that enemy planes are approaching Phoenix. Finally, I hear the following announcement: "A bomb of great magnitude has hit the southern area of Phoenix. Damage is extensive; radiation is intense. It is feared that all those not in shelters are warned that it will be fatal to leave before at least a month has elapsed. Further bombing is anticipated. This maybe the last broadcast you will hear for sometimes. Immediately, I realize that I have 10 persons in a shelter which is equipped with food, water, and oxygen enough to sustain them for only two weeks or six people for a month. When I reveal this information, the group unanimously decides that, in order for anyone to survive, five must be sacrificed. As it is my shelter, all agree that I must stay and choose the other 5 who are to be saved. My group members are Mary, Hazel, Chet, Jack and Don. Three personality traits that guided me in the selection of my group members are Honesty, Reliability, and Confidence.One personality trait that guided me in the selection of my group members involves honesty. This behavior is essential in this situation. I like to be honest every time, because I feel that I do everything very good. In my opinion, we always have to say all the time the truth, because you feel that you do everything correctly, so sometimes we do things and we have to be honest. So for this trait I chose Mary, Chet and Don. I like Mary because she is phychology professor, is a few years older than the rest of the group, I think it has already become evident that the others respect her ability to take control. Also, she can to talk with us about the problem, and she could to say us how we should to calm our behavior during the shelter. I think she is very important in our shelter. Another that I chose was Chet. I think he is honest, because he is medical student and he has had two years of medical study. He has spent 3 summers in a camp as a medical director and has had a close association with his father, who is a doctor. Another thing, he understands about medicine. Consequently, the health of us is very important in this situation, because we have to stay in my basement about two weeks or more. Finally, for this trait I chose Don. I feel that he is serious and honest. He is a romantic person, his smile, lively guitar music, and scintillating sense of humor has helped improve everyone's mood. He can to keep our humor with cheer everyday.Another personality trait that guided me in the selection of my group members includes reliability. Reliability means that is applied to a person or thing that can be counted upon to do what is expected or required, but also this word means dependable that...

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