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Question: "The Best Way To Alleviate Poverty In Developing Nations Is For The Richer Countries To Invest Heavily In Them." Discuss This View.

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Almost half the world - over 3 billion people - live on less than $2.50 a day. Almost half the population of children in the world lives in poverty. Poverty is the state of having little resources or access to necessities due to them not having sufficient access to the technology to harvest the raw materials. In response to this situation, some had suggested that "the best way to alleviate poverty in developing nations is for the richer countries to invest heavily in them." However, I disagree with this statement as I feel that the best way to alleviate poverty would be to get rid of all the corrupt governments and elect one which truly cares about its people. This is because without this, even if other countries invest, the poor will not be able to benefit much.Supporters of this argument state that the best way to alleviate poverty is through heavy investment by richer countries as they feel that through this, the poorer people would be able to have more opportunities to gain jobs which will alleviate them from poverty. One such example is China. Decades ago, China was still pretty much an undeveloped country, however due to the investments from countries such as the United States and, they were able to escape poverty and become one of the largest markets in the world as of today. This allowed several Chinese who were jobless to receive proper jobbing opportunities and improve the standard of living for their families. However, despite the fact that heavy investment provides new and more opportunities for the poor can help break the poverty cycle, other factors also have to be taken into consideration for China's success in escaping poverty. These other factors include the fact that China was willing to open up its market to other countries. China may not have been able to step away from poverty if it was still unwilling to open up its market to other investors. Therefore this is not the best way as it has uncertainty in its effects which is contributed by other factors as stated above.Another method to help alleviate the problems of poverty is to urge the citizens of these developing nations must stand up against corrupt government, who has been squandering away all the aid which was meant for them to help the poor. For example, many countries like Cameroon where the corrupt government officials pocket all the money and spend it on their own selfish needs instead of on the welfare of their people. This causes the people to be unable to escape the poverty cycle no matter how much aid or investment they are given by other countries. Therefore, in order to escape the poverty cycle, they must get rid of all corrupt government officials in one way or another so that the aid can reach the poor. Only when aid gets to the poor can the poor start anew and rebuild their lives. Therefore, to alleviate poverty, it is important to first get rid of all corrupt governments in order to allow proper aid to flow through to reach the...

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