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Question: Write A Contemperary Short Story Set In Present Day Urban Or Rural Australia. The Central Character Should Be Female, A Victim Of Fate, Circumstances Or Another Betrayl

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HEARTBREAK TO LOVE:Gilly lived with her family in the outback and her father owned a cattle property on the outskirts of Melbourne. It was going to be yet another boring holiday, stuck on the property with only the cows to keep her company.Dylan was on a bus on his way to a rural property on the outskirts of Melbourne, his father said he had to have some work experience before he left school and he had been left with the last available position and it was in farming. Seriously what 17 year old boy wants to work on a farm in the middle of whoop whoop, no movie theater, no mobile reception no chic's what sort of a harsh world is this?"Gilly did I forget to mention that there is a boy coming ...view middle of the document...

He met Mr. Kello who seemed like a decent bloke and then he was greeted by Mrs. Kello who was as beautiful as her daughter and smelt like warm cookies, she gave him a enveloping hug and then showed him to his huge room with an ensuite included. He was thrilled it was like he had come for a holiday and he had scored two weeks off school as well. He found out that the girls name was Gilly, man she was beautiful he hoped to score with her in the next two weeks.Gilly knocked on his door quietly."Come in""Hey Dylan would you like to come for a swim we have a pool outback, my mum is just gonna cook us some dinner?""Yeah sure, I'll just get changed""Sweet meet you outside your room in five"Gilly had a great time with Dylan he talked about his school and his mates and his bomb of a car back home. Gilly told him that she went to boarding school and only came to the property during school holidays but she did get to take her car to school with her.Dylan really enjoyed the time spent with Gilly, and boy did she look great in a bikini. He wasn't even that worried about starting work on the farm tomorrow knowing that Gilly would be there with him.Dylan was woken up by a cheerful Mr. Kello at 4am in the morning."C'mon sonny Jim, we have to feed all the cattle, and then we got breakfast at 6am sharp"Dylan rolled over and moaned "ohhhhh ok, I'm up, I'm up"Dylan came down stairs dressed in jeans teared at the knee, a checkered shit and a cowboy hat, and boy did he look something. Shame bout that gorgeous outfit she thought, after today it's not gonna look that great. They all went to the pickup Dylan was still rubbing at his eyes when they climbed in."Bit tired are we" she asked with genuine curiosityHe yawned "you can say that again""Bit tired are we" she giggled, "Sorry couldn't help myself" she flashed that beautiful smile again.Dylan didn't reaslise how difficult it was to feed cattle. There definitely was a knack to it, and he wanted to achieve it by the end of today. Breakfast was great it was a huge banquet including bacon and eggs, pancakes, toast, porridge and your choice of orange juice, apple juice, tea or coffee."How's your day so far Dylan?" Mr. Kello asked"It's been alright so far Mr. Kello, actually feeding cattle is a lot harder then it looks!""Yeah true that"Mrs Kello said, "I found it very different when I tried it the first time but don't worry it gets easier""Thanks Mrs. Kello that's great to know"Gilly watched as Dylan took his shirt off and wiped the sweat of his forehead, he looked up and noticed her watching him she quickly diverted her eyes then looked back and he had started to smile. He really did have a nice toned body; she bet anything that he played Rugby at school.Dylan was finding work on the farm tough, but every so often he glanced at Gilly and noticed her glancing at his topless torso. She was so beautiful, even more so when she had dirt on her face. Gilly, Dylan and Mr. Kello had been doing some boundary fencing, and it had...

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