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Questioning Is Important For Quality Leadership

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Questioning Is Important For Quality Leadership
Questions allow the leader and their team the opportunity to plan effectively and properly analyze the goals of the team. During the beginning stages preparing for a project, a leader and their team must ask each other questions that pertain to the project, so that their goals they set for the project will be accomplished. When I think of questions pertaining to a team project I see them as a building block or foundation, one that will help create a quality plan leading to a successful project.
Questioning in the planning stages empowers all team members a chance to voice their diverse opinions, which helps create a solid plat form to build your project upon (Leadership & Direction, 1997). When all team members are actively involved in the planning of the project they will be much more likely to want to achieve the goals of the leader, as they will feel like they are a significant piece of the team. When team members realize that their questions and ideas matter in formulating a successful project, they are more willing to give it their best effort.
This boost in self confidence will make them want the project to be successful as they will be more inclined to follow the leader's plan, because they want to accept the leaders plan not because they were told to give their best efforts and accept that plan. As Dwight D. Eisenhower would say, "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he or she wants to do it" (Module 5 Lecture Pages, n.d.). This can happen through the importance of all team members asking quality analytical questions in the planning stages and throughout the process of the project; ensuring the project will be a success.
Certain questions need to be asked and answered by the team and their leader to determine whether or not the project will be suitable for the team or the organization. When a team/ organization is trying to figure this out, asking themselves some of these important questions from the online article, " Leadership & Direction", will help determine whether or not they should do the project. This questioning process uses sentences that begin with: who, what, when, where, how, and why (Leadership & Direction, 1997).
Identifying who will complete certain tasks and what is involved in completing these task are important questions that will help determine if the team/ organization has the necessary individuals for the job (Leadership & Direction, 1997). Finding out what you are going to do as a team and what will happen to the team if they can't complete a certain project, is another pertinent question a team/organization needs to ask (Leadership & Direction). ...

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