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Questioning Sanity And Insanity Essay

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Questioning sanity and insanity Medea: A 5th Century Play written by Euripides Is Medea sane? What is the difference between insanity and sanity? The pressing question is what can one consider sanity at all. Truly is anyone sane or insane or is it just how everyone views someone else to judge them accordingly, well lets suppose one could find out by taking a perspective look at Medea, the person herself and how she develops the role of what pertains to the stated question. It happens to the effect that one must taste insanity themselves to understand a person as complex as Medea, for instance take the student body that attends Mrs. Jackson's English 12 period may come to perceive her as "creative individual," yet just a variation for step in the direction of insanity, because to an extent it is possible to assume must can stay that artistic types are insane at some degree and level, especially those humanitarians. To view a mind such as Medea's, it takes a being with an open perspective, to use their insight letting their feelings consume curiosity for a person whom may be irrational to those whom misunderstand why the way she functions. First step to admitting a problem is admitting that the problem begins with the source, now open up and fall into the minds eye of a character of mythical based moral values from 5th century B.C.In the beginning, the beginning of this awesome motivational play by Euripides, Medea becomes an outcast, a victim that is shunned because she is foreign. Foreign because of loss due to pain from Jason her husband, left with only feelings of exile, feelings of hate, feelings for revenge. All possible combinations point to say she might just possibly be insane. Truly Medea cannot possibly be insane, just very very smart and ultra cunning as the vixen she portrays. One could possibly say that she invokes all the modern characteristics that of a Christian would give to their devil himself. All these accusations towards the question of her sanity seemly revolve around fear, why is this, because Medea knows very well that all in the foreign land Greece have hinted towards the fear of her. She harnesses this fear to her advantage remarkably in a way that all are merely oblivious to her master plan. A perfect example of this fear comes from Creon when he says, "I will tell you frankly: because you nourish rancorous ill will toward persons." Right there everyone knows that he wants to get rid of Medea through exile, cause he fears for his daughter's life and the future of his Kingdom. Everyone in the play up until the end views Medea as an insane person AKA witch. Creon knows the only way to save him and others to ultimately exile her. He believes that she is insane through his blind perception only, where later the Chorus grows to understand her. Creon remarks, " I acknowledge, Medea, That you have some cause for grief. I all the more must guard against your dark wisdom and bitter heart." Fearing a possible plot of revenge,...

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