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Questioning The Possession Essay

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Possession: the indwelling of a demon inside a human person. After reading The Tragedy of Macbeth it is important to consider whether or not Lady Macbeth was possessed during a section of the story. There are three main scenes that directly deal with this possible possession: the convincement of Macbeth, the murder of Duncan, , and the suicide of Lady Macbeth. During these three scenes there can be much conjecture about the possession of Lady Macbeth. She was not possessed; it was all in her head.
A powerful speaker is required to convince someone to commit murder, and it seems Lady Macbeth is that and more. Many people will claim she is possessed and that is why she tries to convince ...view middle of the document...

The demonic indwelling of Lady Macbeth is often debated when looking at the murder of Duncan. It depicts a very unnatural Lady Macbeth who has no fear of the dead but is willing to drug the guards to help her husband cover up the murder of Duncan (Shakespeare 267). Lady Macbeth is sure that her husband is doing what is right by killing the king and has the notion of it occurring so set in her mind she is not bothered in the slightest by the actual deed. She simply sets down to drug two innocent people who are loyal to the king in order to frame them for killing the king. These actions do look out of the ordinary for a woman in Lady Macbeth’s time period, but as we have already established, she was no ordinary woman. While drinking with the guards Lady Macbeth she makes a statement basically saying she could care less whether these men live or die (Shakespeare 267). This shows the twisted personage of Lady Macbeth. She is talking and laughing with these men, all the while plotting their drugging and subsequent framing for the murder of Duncan. Besides drugging the guards, it is also noted that Lady Macbeth finished the framing of the murder, finding absolutely no fear in her actions (Shakespeare 269). When a terrified Macbeth comes stumbling out of Duncan’s room Lady Macbeth is quick to criticize Macbeth for not leaving the daggers with the drugged guards. She does not even stop to question the large quantities of blood that stain Macbeth. She is numb to the fact that they in reality have killed a monarch and will definitely have repercussions. Lady Macbeth as well could not have been possessed because she did not quite execute the framing of the guards correctly. She smeared the blood on the guard’s faces when it should really be a splatter if they killed Duncan (Shakespeare 274). This shows non-possession because a possessed person will have to do everything to perfection as the demon requires. They will not make such a blatant mistake as miscalculating the most important part of the cover story. Conjecture may still be that Lady Macbeth was possessed, but even the consequential suicide she...

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