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Questionnaire About Outdoor And Winter Activities And Product Descriptions

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Activity Experience
Please list the number of years you have spent participating in each of the following activities, along with any relevant certifications, experiences, accomplishments, thoughts on each particular industry, etc. List any other activities (relevant to our business) that you have experience in. You may have a lot to say about some activities—please limit yourself to 200 words per activity. If you don’t have any experience in one, just say so; we don’t expect everyone to do everything.

1. Skiing:
I spent the first 15 years of my life in the mountains of Vermont, yet skiing was not my biggest passion. Both of my parents ski and I was given professional instruction as a kid, ...view middle of the document...

When I made the decision to lose weight and get healthier, backpacking seemed like the most assessable. Almost any level of skill and conditioning can enjoy some aspect of backpacking, that’s why I am such a proponent. As my conditioning went up, so did the elevation goals and daily mileage. I am a gear addict, agonizing for hours over every purchase and constantly upgrading to better, lighter, more durable materials.
6. Fly Fishing:
As I look back on my life, I start to realize that fishing may be the only interest my father and I shared. The story my father told the most was about me fishing with a Mickey Mouse rod out of our small rowboat when a 40-inch pike attacked the pumpkinseed I was so eagerly retrieving. Fishing is one of the few activities left in the world that isn’t improved by digital technology. That being said, the fishing industry is making huge leaps in materials and presentation. I have been on the pro-staff of a few small fishing gear companies since I started During my first trip to Utah my friend took me trout fishing on the Provo River. I hope to explore more of the waterways in the future.
7. Ice Fishing:
Although it isn’t directly addresses at Backcountry, my introduction to the website was through ice fishing. In my experience, the Ice Fishing industry has many similarities to the other cold weather activities that are associated with Backcountry. My bag of ice fishing gear is filled with Patagonia jackets, Mountain Hardwear pants, Outdoor Research hat and gloves. The gear that is best to go snowshoeing in is also the best to be sitting on a bucket on a frozen lake. I think it’s a market that is ignored by the big companies, but there is an audience.

Writing Test Instructions
There are two parts to this writing test. The first part is to write a short article. The second part is to write a few product descriptions. This test is on the honor system. We trust that you are writing this by yourself, and that you are sending it in without having anyone else look over it. Seriously. We're watching you. Okay, we're just kidding about the watching you part. (Maybe.)

Part I:
Write a creative article titled Chairlift Tips: How to Get Off Without Falling. The tips should be helpful and unique, and maybe be specific to either skiing or snowboarding. Keep it to 400 words or less.

Part II:
Please write descriptions for the following products. All relevant information should be on each vendor’s website. If the info isn’t on the vendor’s website, use other credible online sources.

Below each product, you will see where to write the TL (Top Line), Description, and Bullets. Add space as needed.

As far as tiers go, numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 are tier 3s. Number 5 is a tier 2, and 6 is a tier 1. (We swear we're not trying to confuse you with numbers. Well ok, maybe just a little.)

Writing Test

1. Line Prophet Flite Ski

TL: From the woods to the park, lighten up your skiing experience.

In a world...

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