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The Areas Of Communication In My Life

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Two social institutions majorly influenced my early communication skills. The first institution was school. In elementary school and middle school, my peers constantly teased me. I also made matters worse by, making the mistake of self-disclosing the name of my crush to the wrong person. This person disclosed this information to the whole school. All these factors developed me into an introvert and gave me a low self-esteem. I combated the conflict of teasing by withdrawing from the situations. I stopped trying to communicate with my peers and started just observing others communication. During my observations, I learned how to listen comprehensively and empathically. Another thing I learned was how to decipher non-verbal communication and the messages hidden verbally. One thing I failed to do was learn how to regulate my own non-verbal communication, which resulted in more teasing because my face displayed my sadness. All this changed when I started my first job.
The other social institution that majorly effected my early communication was my first job at Funland. I started Funland with the personality and communication skills listed above. As I soon found out, you cannot do a job in the customer service field without open communication. I had to start conversations and participate in conversations with customers. If the customers developed an issue, I could not withdraw from the issue; I had to learn to compromise and collaborate with customers to solve their problems. To my surprise, my co-workers and upper management engaged in conversations with me and wanted to develop more than a working relationship with me. I learned how to maintain a conversation, friendships, and how to properly self-disclose to others. These factors allowed me to gain more self-esteem, become an extrovert and eventually advanced me at work to a supervisor position.
A coworker at Funland, named Heather had a different experience in the same social institution. Heather’s culture actively participated in arranged marriages. Heather had a...

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