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Questions About A Teacher Essay

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Some disturbing questions as future teachers : which will be analyzed in detail in the following

paragraphs the influences that helped me discover that would be a future teacher : For all these

aspects will understand the urgent need to study and learn English perfectly as a priority and

tool imperative to expand the possibilities in academics , in labor , and in terms of personal

growth concientizada once I understood the need and desire to convey all these experiences and

thus contribute something in the education and training of other persons with would achieve

leaving positive footprints in their lives. As the question is an ideal English class? see personal

contributions , ...view middle of the document...

It is essential that teachers be made aware that their duty as professional trainers future

goes far beyond the four walls of the classroom. and ended with Reflecting on the role of the

teacher: We delve into the role of teachers in our country and abroad, in the teaching-learning

process , all studies and experiences acquired abroad or other regions can be transmitted and

implement on his return from his students and colleagues is that sense of belonging that is a duty,

a goal, a purpose here in our country. A project like vision and mission.

Influences that helped me discover that would be a future teacher :

Over the years I worried it would feel much of my life laboring with the same, an activity that was

not really what I wanted to do , I had the opportunity to work as a businesswoman and be able to

acquire more knowledge and experience in my professional field but I had countless obstacles and

difficulties not master the English language , although this could interact with the vast majority

of people who mastered a second language. In this case the English language. Because of this

experience grew my passion for concept and expand my knowledge of their history, culture,

economy, mentality, lifestyle and quality of life , work systems and meet new people , learn new

ideas and possible projects. For all these aspects to understand the urgent need to study and learn

the language perfectly as a priority and essential tool to expand my opportunities in academics ,

in labor , and in terms of personal growth. Once concientizada understood the need and desire to

convey all these experiences and thus contribute something in the education and training of other

persons which would give leave positive footprints in their lives ; I decided to continue taking

courses in English, was how my daughter who was studying seventh grade school told me that a

large majority of her classmates she had been reinforcing English I suggested that if I wanted to

help them regain the matter and accept and then check curriculum and teaching me document

on the topics developed during the year and so I began to explain and prepare them according

to their weaknesses and achievements to recover , finally got that all these students were be

promoted to the next grade seven , this made ​​for me was very rewarding and enriching was a

great satisfaction I felt on full and very happy, because this experience strengthened my desire to

be a professional vocation for teaching in the English language which gave more meaning to my

life serving others so make the decision to introduce the Bolivarian three universities , the U of

Antioquia and the Luis Amigo. Finally chooses to enroll in Funlam for all its advantages, covered

my expectations welcomed me with great humanity from the beginning, ease of transportation ,

flexible schedules but mostly me captive the great support they gave me during the induction

period at I identify...

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