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Questions And Answers About Slaves And Slaveholders

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Critical Thinking
1. Do you think the booming cotton economy benefited all members of southern society, or only certain segments?
• It’s mostly based on which plantation or farm they worked in at the time and the region they lived in, most slaves are a total of half the population that worked in the BLACK BELT, or COTTON BELT were slaves and were in the lower south such as South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Whites where 3 to 1 to slaves and slaves were most likely to live on plantations near their owner. Slaves worked in gangs around the fields and they worked from sun up to sun down for 6 days a week. Which is known as the COTTON KING. There were very few “Drivers” in the Cotton King business who are black slaves that basically manage the slaves. In other words I believe the booming cotton economy benefited the members from the southern society.
2. What difference did it make in a slave’s life if he or she belonged to a great planter or to a small farmer?
• A GREAT PLANTER: Majority of whites didn’t own slaves only ¼ did, and a small amount % owned many Planters, those earning 40+ slaves and 800+ acres of land, exercised influences at a much greater amount and power. Political economic and social control saw themselves as higher people, though most wealth was recent. Growing crops profitable but as competitive and risky as industry in North After struggling to reach their position in society they were determined to defend it.
• A SMALL FARMER: if you were a small planter in a small farm it ment that you were most likely to be broken up from their families.
• In the small farming plantations slave holders were always hiring out slaves more frequently than most, most small farmer’s slaves had relatives in the larger plantations or other farms which were a long distance away. If they were married workers it was much more harder for them to stay close and their marriage was lose it resulted in that the females were the head of the house and look after every things even their children the fathers were most likely to be sold far away or sent to a larger...

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