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Questions And Answers: Flowers For Algernon By Daniel Keyes

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How does Algernon function as a symbol or alter-ego for Charlie?
Charlie, a thirty-two year old man with a mental condition was seen as fragile. To further his intelligence level, he attended the Beekman College center for retarded adults. His desired self was to become intelligent. “If the operation works good I’ll show that mouse I can be as smart as he is even smarter” (12). The opposite of the real Charlie possessed the traits of anti-socialism, intelligence, possessing motivation, and being opinionated. “This intelligence has driven a wedge between me and all the people I knew and loved, driven me out of the bakery. Now I’m more alone than ever before” (108). Charlie was not ...view middle of the document...

“Then prof Nemur said remembir he will be the first human beeing ever to have his intelijence increesd by sergery” (10). Unsure of the results, Charlie continued through the preparation process for the surgery. “I want you to understand this mite fale and the nothing would happen at all. Or it mite even sucseed temperary and leeve you weerse off then you are now” (10). Unfortunately, Charlie learned in the end that the surgery was not as successful as planned. “But then it hit me like a fist against the side of my head that I didn’t remember what I had to do. It was as if I had been looking at the whole thing clearly on the blackboard of my mind, but when I turned to read it, part of it had been erased and the rest didn’t make sense” (287). Charlie sacrificed his intelligence for science.
Algernon was the first animal with the same operation as Charlie. “He was the first of all animals to stay smart so long”(31). Slowly, Algernon’s intellect began to deteriorate. When he couldn’t find the way out of the maze he just...

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