Questions And Answers For Managing Employee Performance

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3. Be able to explain the concepts of reliability and validity.167
Reliability and validity are forms of measurements used under personnel selection. Personnel selection is a method used by the organization in order to determine who will or will not be permitted to become part of the company. Organizations will use reliability, validity, ability to generalized, high utility, and legal to make their decisions.
Reliability is a measurement that determines how free a measurement is from random error. This form of measurement provides a steady and uniform outcome. For instance, if a company uses an intelligence test, a workers results should be consistent over a long period. This method will use ...view middle of the document...

Validity is distributed into 5 categories: criterion-related validity, predictive validation, concurrent validation, content validity, and construct validity. Criterion-related validity measures on substantial connection among test scores and job performance appraisals. Predictive validation measures association between the scores and future performance of the candidate who were previously hired. Concurrent validation test workers who presently have a certain job, then associate their score to current measures of job performance. Content validity test things or problems and situations or problems that happen on the job. Construct validity is a test that measures intellectual qualities such as aptitude or leadership abilities.
Chapter 8 - Managing Employees’ Performance
4. Know the advantages and disadvantages of using managers, peers, subordinates, self, and customers as sources of performance information.
360-degree performance appraisal is a performance measurement that utilizes and combines managers, peers, subordinates, self, and customers as a source of performance information.
The advantages of using managers as a source of information is they have the best qualifications, provide extensive knowledge of the job requirements, and they are able to witness employees work directly. Managers can provide incentives and direct feedback since the performance of employees reflects on manager’s performance. Furthermore, if managers execute performance appraisals, employees are more perceptive and believe it is accurate since managers can directly observe employees work. The disadvantages of using managers as a source of information is that problems can occur. For instance, some managers are unable to oversee employee work and duties. Therefore, mangers cannot truly determine how employees are actually performing at a job.
The advantages of using peers as a source of information is because peers are able to observe performance that managers might not see. Peer are able to observe day-to-day activities and have expert understanding in the job requirements. Furthermore, peers bring a diverse viewpoint and have exceptional valid evaluation of the job performance. The disadvantages of using peers as a source of information is because some employees may be friends or competitors at the workplace. This situation may cause a bias viewpoint in rating others.
The advantages of using subordinates as a source of information is that assistants work directly under managers and the directly encounter and view how managers are performing. For instance, one company I worked for gave subordinates the opportunity to evaluate managers. This method gave top managers the chance to understand how managers were actually performing. The disadvantages of using subordinates is that, subordinates are hesitant to report any damaging information about the person they work under. If the evaluation is anonymous the feedback is more accurate, when the feedback is known, then...

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