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Questions And Answers: Is Outsourcing More Beneficial Than Hiring Local Staff?

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1. Question to be researched:
The focus of my research project will be based on whether outsourcing would be more beneficial and advantageous than hiring your own staff within a school. In this research task I will focus specifically on investigating this question within the environment of an ISASA school and the outsourced elements, and the duties they fulfil, such as: the IT Department, auxiliary staff such as cleaners, as well as the security provided around the school. Within this research it will be determined whether or not outsourcing is a better option than permanent employment as well as the various pros and cons.

2. Why should we know about this topic?
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The focus of my task will be on a topic approached lightly before in our textbooks. My topic for this year is: outsourcing vs permanent employment in a school environment.
Focus question: Is outsourcing support services a more suitable solution than employing permanent staff at an ISASA school?
Outline of project: The outline of my project is to speak to the headmistress of the school, because she played a part in the decision making process of whether or not to outsource the support services in the school. The focus will be on the IT department, the cleaning staff and security services. Further information will be obtained by speaking to the operations manager of the school and discussing the various reasons as to why the school outsources certain functions as well as the pros and cons associated with the topic. A business man who outsources within his company will also be interviewed in order to get an outside and different opinion of outsourcing and information on the topic at hand.
Aims of project: The aim of this project is to investigate and make a conclusion as to whether outsourcing is more beneficial in a school environment than...

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