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Questions And Answers On An Investigation: Identification Of Bacteria Through The Use Of A Microscope,

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1. Explain the most interesting science concepts you learned from this investigation.

The most interesting science concept we learned was that boiling one of our methods was proven the worst for us, but is the best way out of the three for purified water. This is scientifically proven because when in process of boiling the liquid changes state of matter, leaving behind the bacteria and the water evaporating leaving all unnecessary weight needed, also because most heat kills the bacteria. Ultra violet light on the other hand only kills the microbes, nothing else. The ultra violet light is not very effective because it leaves the remains of the bacteria in the water.

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The different parts of a Simple Distillation Kit are Burner, Distilling Flask, Thermometer, Condenser and Receiving Flask. The burner can also be called a Bunsen burner, what the burner basically does is it boils the water so that the water evaporates. The Thermometer shows you at what temperature the water is being boiled because there are some types of bacteria that don’t get killed at the temperature of 100 Degrees Celsius that way we knew if we needed high or low fire. The Condenser has one input and one output, the input is where you input the cool water and the output is where the cool water goes out from, in between the area where the cool water flows there is a small tube were all of the distillated water goes through to be collected in the receiving flask were all the pure water is collected.

The reason why we use Petri Dishes with Agar on them is because we want to see the amount of bacteria clearly. The way we see the bacteria on the Petri Dish without looking at it under the microscope is because the bacteria eats the agar which makes the colonies of bacteria grow. After the colonies grew (couple of days later) we placed the Petri Dish on graph paper then we counted the amount of boxes that were treated with water and the amount of boxes that have bacteria on them. The equation we used to turn that into a percent was T/Bx100=POC. In this equation what you do is you divide the amount of boxes treated (T) by the amount of boxes that have bacteria on them (B), your answer should be a decimal. After that you need to turn that decimal into a percent which is just multiplying by 100, the answer you get is the percentage of coverage of bacteria on the treated area.

3. If you had the opportunity and resources to continue with this topic of research, explain what would be your next investigation and why.

If we had the opportunity and resources to continue with our topic we would use Activated charcoal, Purification Tablets and being able to identify the bacteria’s Genus and Species. Activated Charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms to purify the water. Activated Charcoal is mostly used in fish aquariums to keep the water purified for the fishes to be able to live in clean water.

There are many Purification tablets available, but there are 2 that are mostly used, Iodine Tablets and Chlorine tablets. These tablets are most effective when the water you are purifying is 21 degrees C or higher, but Iodine Tablets are used more than...

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