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Questions And Answers On Censorship In China

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--1- What information does China censor? And why?
China censors a variety of things. Most of the time it is negative things about the government, but it could also be about safety issues, killings, and some specific medical issues. China is very paranoid about the United Nations because they are concerned about Human Rights. If any information on the Central Propaganda Department's rules is released in anyway, then the government will attempt and most likely succeed in prosecuting the person. Posting about any type of Human Right violation will get the poster into a lot of trouble. A lot of the time the purpose of the censorship is to prevent panic, reduce protests, and try to not let other ...view middle of the document...

Citizens are often threatened by the government to spy on other people, and discourage their thoughts that are considered to be bad. The Central Propaganda Department is thought to be the biggest group that censors. China has gone to great lengths to insure privacy. They have hacked major western news sources, and sent malware to foreign reporters. Foreign reporters sometime self censor so they don't get kicked out, and get denied for a new visa. Information sources that are not in China, are monitored by three computers. They are located in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Even with the tight security, people still find ways around it using proxies and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). In sever cases, China May shut down the internet and fix the problem or breach.

--3- What are the consequences for using or publishing something that is censored.
If monitors locate a post by someone that violates their censorship policy, then a few things could happen. A very common thing is for the post to be deleted and the poster's account to be deleted and sued, and the user would not be able to use the internet. The citizen's family could be harmed as well. In rare circumstances, the poster could be arrested and/or killed. If the poster was a foreign reporter, he/she would be removed from the country or put in jail. Unfortunately the foreign reporter abuse rate has gone up recently. Reporters have been hurt physically and mentally in China. It has been rated the 3rd worst country for reporters, and some reporters who report about China quit their job. The censorship does hurt other countries because of the reporters who are denied visas for reporting too much information

4- When did censorship start and has it loosened up?
Censorship in China has been in effect for quite some time. Monitoring started to occur in the year 1949 and censorship mainly started in around the same time. Censorship at first helped when it was not as disruptive because it did stop major uprises and protests. It also reduced panic because many safety issues were not made public.

Unfortunately censorship and monitoring had a major increase after the incident in 1989 with the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre. Ever since then, monitoring levels have increased and more precautions and punishments are taking place. Although with the 2008 Olympics in China,...

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