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Questions And Answers On How The West Won By Rodney Stark

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1. Who are they?
The Characters in How the West won was Lily Prescott and Eve Prescott, they had two little brothers. Their parents later died, so they had to survive on their own. In the middle of the movie they go through the stages of there life, such as when the get older.

2. Where did they go and why?
They were traveling on a wooden raft and they were going to different forests. The war was going on so they had to leave. The girls each met someone, but then one time while traveling they hit rapids and there parents died.

3.What did they accomplish?
They fought off the Indians, which try to take their stuff. They lived without there parents, after what happened to them. They learned ...view middle of the document...

What was the conflict?
People were trying to figure where to go and how to go there. Transportation was their biggest problem, they would sometimes have problems with their wagons and would stop and they would get where they would want to go but months later.

2.Who/What was it between?
The families and the government, some people thought the Indians could help them because they were the first ones to build stuff with wood. They ended up fighting about how would they build railroads and other stuff. They ended hurting our people (Americans) by sending a stampede of bulls into the town.

3. What was the outcome of the problem?
The Americans decided to let the Indians side with them. The Indians were a big help, and helped finish the railroads. Everyone could travel different places now and get where suppose to be in less than a week.


1.What was the cause of the Westward Expansion?
People wanted to go to the west in a hurry, during the California Gold Rush. They also went to the west to start farming and homesteading. They saw the opportunity to find jobs and make money. But some people ended up losing their jobs and their properties. Some Native Americans lost their homesteads.

2. What was the course (actions taken) to expand west?
The French and Indians slowed the Westward movement. In 1750's, colonists were living in most of...

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