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Questions And Answers On Teachers And The Development Of Students

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Teachers can make a big difference in the development of students. Each student’s preferred method of learning varies across the classroom. All teachers need to know and learn the way students develop and grow in order to facilitate and meet all their learning needs. It is very important that teachers promote and foster learning among students by creating challenging and appropriate environments. A teacher must accommodate and express confidence among students so that they will feel comfortable and encouraged to learn every day. It should be mentioned that since each student learns in a different ways, educators should create diverse opportunities for each student.
The development of all students not only depends on the teacher, but also the student’s family and home environment. It is important to understand and illustrate that the formation of all students is a shared task between family and school. Parents play an important role, not ...view middle of the document...

Which is why it’s necessary to work together to be able to achieve their best.
In order to provide a good educational support as a teacher, I need to know the methods in which my students learn effectively. My artifact for standard one is a parent survey. I generated the parent survey named “Learning about My Students.” My questionnaire focusses on the child’s learning style, culture, language and the parent expectations. The purpose and goal of this questionnaire is to obtain and learn information on the learning habits of each student. Consequently, I will discover ways to approach and meet the students’ needs. As a teacher, I am responsible for providing students with the support they need to succeed. On some occasions, the students face learning difficulties simply because they do not know or do not understand what is expected from them. On question one I ask about the child nationality, language parents and the child speak, and ethnicity. Knowing all of these will help to adapt and modify my lessons if they need to be modified. I am a second language learner and there were lot of times when I did not know what my homework was about. I had a hard time trying to figure it out and my parents could not help me simply because they did know English. So, from experienced I know how does it feels like not understanding the language. If I encounter a situation like this I will be able to adjust my lessons according to my students’ needs, plus I will enhance their learning on their second language as well. Furthermore, questions 2-6 are all about what I need to know about the child, what he/she is really good at, weaknesses, favorite things to do when is not in school, and favorite subject. These questions will help me know what the child interests are. For example, if the child is having hard time when it comes to reading alone and I know that he likes to cars, I can provide magazines and books with cars that he can enjoy to read. Also give assignment where he/she can relates what he/she likes with what we are studying in class. Questions 7-10 is about what parents expect their children to learn. Therefore, my mission as a teacher is to ensure that the educational needs of my students are met and their academic potential fully developed.

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