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Questions And Answers On The Road To Hell By Saranya Laohhalert

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What, in your opinion, did Baker hope to accomplish as a result of his conversation with Rennalls? Did he succeed? Why or why not?
Baker hope to be able to get Rennalls to admit his hatred towards other races, specifically Europeans. I feel that his aim was to get it out in the open so that it could be discussed, and thereby dealt with before he took on the job of head of engineer, a role that would require impartial and a good treatment of subordinates from races other than his own. After I am read this case study, I was under the impression that Baker was between a rock and a hard place, due to the fact that it was not just his own perception of Rennalls' behavior, which he may have been ...view middle of the document...

Even when Rennalls smile back towards the close of their interview, Baker perceived it as a sign of stubborn resistance. The next morning, the secretary walked into Baker's office. Her word “come fast” signified the weight of the matter she was about to describe. Rennalls was pacing the room as he was set the letter, showing his turbulence. Rennalls also simply signed the blank page where he thought the letter would end, showing that he simply wanted to distance himself from the company with no delay.

Question 3
What could Baker and Rennalls have done to improve the situation described in this case?
Baker could have tried to be more objective in his valuation of the situation. Rennalls was already the favorite of the company, and the manifestation of his racial disposition appeared to be a minor factor compared with the benefits that his employment with the company offered. Baker fell victim to his personal need to have Rennalls like him, setting aside the probability that the number of Rennalls' personal confrontations with...

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