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Questions And Answers On The Tortilla Curtain By T.C. Boyle

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19 March, 2014
The Tortilla Curtain
1) Tell some themes in the novel, what things does the author want to make the reader aware of? In other words, why do you think he wrote this novel?
The first theme the novel is trying to convey is the act of racism and how illegal immigrants were being treated. At the beginning of the novel the author let us know what happened after Delaney knew the race of the person had hit with his car. Had it been the victim was a white American like him he wouldn’t have given him 20 dollars and leave him to die instead of taking him to the hospital. He was only concerned about the property the immigrant must have dirt while he was camping. Throughout the novel, the novel showed us various ways the immigrants are being treated. Jack Jardine Jr destroyed the camp of Candido and his wife and how Delaney blamed the immigrant for stealing his car and all his misfortune he encounter thereby hunting them down with guns.
Another thing the author want the reader to be aware of is how people go a long way to have the American dream. Which means living comfortable in their own house, having a well-paid and stable job. Candido brought her wife to the United States to have the American dream even though it didn’t turn out has they thought. The Mossbacher were living the American dream but they still want to have more.

2) How does America’s view of the US change as the story progresses?
Before she and her husband came to the United State they thought of America as a place where all their dreams will come true. Candidido promised her wife a life of comfort, living in their house and having so many possessions. America’s view of US however changed as the story progresses, they were faced with hatred and sadness. She never thought she would have to work for a second in United State but she was forced to do so when Delaney hit her husband with his car and had to look for work at the labor exchange. At the labor exchange, she was amazed and was surprised when she met an American woman Mary also looking to work at the exchange. Now and then her view of US change thinking if Mary who was an American citizen can be struggling to find work, how much more her an illegal immigrant. She realized that one has to suffer in order to make it in United State.

3) How does the way she sees Candido and her feelings toward him changed, and why does this happen?
Candido promised America a comfortable life and a life that doesn’t have to hide in the bush and eat out of a dumbster. When Candido couldn’t fulfilled all these promises, her view of Candido changed. What really made her to be mad at him was because when the two white boys Jack Jardine Jr. and his friend obliterate their camping site and Candido was unable to do anything about it. She told Candido that at least if he couldn’t provide food nor take care of her the least he could do is protect their...

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