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Tackling a team project, regardless of scale, can be a challenge. Wide-open communication channels need to be activated from the beginning. After planning has begun and tasks are being assigned, the question can promptly loom in one’s head: now what do we do? Well, if the right instructions or guidance were not given, this can be the scenario at hand. However, establishing a good forum to address any doubts and concerns within the team can lead to a better project experience overall.
But what are the right types of questions to ask during a team project? Before even contemplating the type of questions, one needs to realize that any, or at least most questions relating to the project at hand can help the leader get acquainted with the individual learning and working styles of each member. Gaining individual understanding will obviously further enhance knowledge of the group dynamics, which, in turn can aid a team with the responsibility to support the organization. In essence, it can be a leadership development tool. As explained in “Leadership & Direction”, the base of any project should begin with the contemplation of the two main themes. That is, the focus should be on what the team needs to accomplish the project and what potential obstacles can hinder the team’s accomplishment. He further emphasizes, that the answering of these initial questions will mark a good start to a project, while remaining open to team suggestions (Clark, 2010).
An environment that accepts questions and the ability to clarify doubts can lead to a more collaborative work group. An ambiance where the feeling of asking questions is not looked down upon is key. This will enable members to speak their mind. This is outlined by (Clark, 2010) in the article “Brainstorming”. In this article, the author suggests that having a criticism-free environment during the initial planning stage of a project will enhance the team’s ability to focus. This is an essential element, because, as he points out “the purpose is on generating varied and unusual ideas and extending or adding to these ideas” (Clark, 2010, Brainstorming, para 1). A team that is able to speak freely will undoubtedly be able to use brainstorming techniques a lot more efficiently. Ultimately this openness where new and unique ideas are accepted and criticism is not, will make for a more productive project.
Questions can clear up doubts for all teammates. The doubt might have been shared among others. When doubts are cleared, members may feel more confident and may improve their workflow. A smoother workflow can reflect by more rapidly meeting individual tasks and eventually the team’s mission. This will have a positive impact on team morale. Morale is increased by successfully accomplishing a mission as a team. It also helps in the development of new leaders. When one thinks of questions as tools to deep self-reflection, this can be a conduit to inspirational mindsets within a team. A team conducting a...

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