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Brave New World Eric Faubert
1. Two ways in which the citizens of the world state are conditioned include hypnopedia or sleep-teaching. While the enfants were asleep, phrases would be repeated to them, so that when they wake up they are repeating the phrases. Another way citizens are conditioned is by making the enfant look at flowers, then shocking them with electricity to associate flowers with pain, causing them to dislike flowers.
2. Two common sayings of the society of the world state are “Everyone belongs to everyone else” as well as “A gramme is better than a damn”. The first saying helped prevent the desire for individualism, this creates social stability. The second saying helped maximize happiness in society. It is saying that a gramme of soma can minimize and bad feelings. Citizens remember this saying when feeling unhappy.
3. Henry Ford is revered as the god of the World State due to the fact that he perfected the assembly line, making the mass production of automobiles much more efficient. In the World State, efficient mass production of humans is a very important aspect of stability, and Ford is the father of efficient mass production, making him a worshipped figure.
4. The right John claims is “to be unhappy”. He chooses this right because he wishes to know the impact of having danger, anger and sadness in a human’s life.
5. The motivation of John the savage is that he does not understand the dehumanization of the World state citizens, he wishes to hold on to real human emotions such as failure and sadness. The motivation of Bernard Marx is him being different than everybody else. Helmoltz motivation is him wanting to express his emotions, but can’t due to society’s limitations. In the end John kills himself, while Bernard and Helmoltz are sent off to an island.
6. John, Bernard and Helmoltz all face challenges in society such as, discrimination towards Bernard because he acts and look different than everybody else. Prejudice because all three are prejudiced by society due to different beliefs. An...

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