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We live in horrific times, and evil — modern, historical, symbolic — continue to fuel our darkest dreams. Yet it took the talents of Paul Thomas Anderson to unify all of these things into perfect portrait of a fiend in the person of Daniel Plainview, in his movie There Will Be Blood. Daniel Plainview is the epitome of a misanthrope He is a man governed by passions and his hated for the human race, saying at one point in the film, ” There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking”. There Will Be Blood presents a character of a man that is uncommon to today’s society, but one that exists nonetheless. This character is however lacking in the society formed by Plato in his ...view middle of the document...

Plato would not be able to imagine that a man such as Daniel Plainview could exist in his society. He could see him living in other societies due to their lack of training and proper education, but not in his own society. But a person born such as Daniel Plainview, who hates the people he is surrounded by from birth, could not be educated into loving them. That type of emotion is indoctrinated in a person from birth. Plato does not understand that newborns naturally have a personality all their own from the moment they open their eyes. Human can be controlled on some level by education and stories, but the person they are from birth cannot be changed.
If a man such as Daniel Plainview were to be living in Plato’s society, his only option to control him would be to banish him. In all his careful planning, Plato never considers there would be people in his society that would reject what was taught to them throughout their whole life. Never does Plato create or even discuss how the people inside the city-state would be controlled. The Guardians that rule the city would be there to protect the people from outside invaders and make major decisions, but there is no one entity who sole purpose is to make sure that the people inside the city-state follow rules. Never does Plato create an inward police force to rule his people. He believes the...

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